Pepper’s founder Kara McKeage remembers the joy that she experienced as a 9-year-old child passing out fliers to the staff at her mother’s office. Her services at the time? Stapling and collating.

Times have changed a bit since then, but her love of helping others has not. Pepper’s Personal Assistants formed organically after Kara worked as an administrative assistant, sales support team member, and mother for over two decades. Kara is honored to serve Seattle’s professional community with her organizational talents gleaned from these experiences and her sustained passion for making people’s lives easier.

“Having a big impact on people’s lives is why I love doing what I do.“


Kara and her staff were extremely professional and accommodating. They certainly saved the day for me!

– Jerry B. –

Kara made my move go seamlessly without a hitch! I moved from Seattle to Southern California and, thanks to Kara, I was able to head to California early and enjoy a few blissful days of sun while Kara attended to all the move details. It was wonderful. Kara is terrific. I recommend her highly.

– Mike H. –

Kara transformed my garage from a wreck to a masterpiece! We installed Rubbermaid’s Fast Track System. Built wire shelves and organized all the camping equipment. I no longer fear entering the garage! Thank you Pepper’s Personal Assistants.

– Katie W. –