My husband and I both hold full-time jobs and are in the “sandwich” phase of our lives, with responsibilities for our parents, our children and extended family. We had become overwhelmed by trying to maintain the house, the cars, the dog and more. Pepper’s Personal Assistants found our assistant, Laura, with minimal effort on our part. Laura has helped us get ahead and get organized. She has arranged for a variety of contractors and has supervised their work. Laura also comes to our house weekly to help with routine tasks, such as laundry, errands and caring for our dog. We appreciate that Laura takes the initiative to get tasks done and also is careful to stay within her budgeted hours. Thanks to Laura and Pepper’s Personal Assistants, we now can stay ahead of our “to-do” lists and feel in control of our lives.

Professional Couple

Kara and our personal assistant (Liz) have made my life so much easier. When I initially reached out for help, I was feeling very overwhelmed and unsure what pieces to get off my plate. As a small business owner, there is never enough time in the day. Liz has taken a huge weight off my shoulders and has been a joy to work with. I can’t recommend Kara and her team more highly.

Lisa Mayfield
Aging Wisdom

I never have time to pick up dry cleaning, shop, clean, organize my bills etc. Pepper’s service has been great including doing ALL the prep work for a recent party. They are diligent, need little supervision, and do much of the work online. It gets done. I don’t even have to think about it.

Executive Client

My personal assistant, Kathy J, just left and I feel so much more calm. I have MS with real thinking challenges and she helps me out with laptop work projects. She is always supportive, helps me to learn and make mistakes on my own, and I can accomplish more with her helpful ideas! I resisted the idea for a personal assistant as being too extravagant, but when you only need services for an hour here an hour there, it has become a godsend! Thanks to Kathy and Pepper’s – in the words of Kathy J., you are AWESOME!

Sally O.
Yelp Review

Kara transformed my garage from a wreck to a masterpiece! We installed Rubbermaid’s Fast Track System. Built wire shelves and organized all the camping equipment. I no longer fear entering the garage! Thank you Pepper’s Personal Assistants.

Katie W.
Yelp Review

PPA helped me arrange several company events and assisted me with relocation. Very versatile, reliable and required little oversight. Saved me lots of time. Highly recommended for the busy professional.

Google Review

Kara made my move go seamlessly without a hitch! I moved from Seattle to Southern California and, thanks to Kara, I was able to head to California early and enjoy a few blissful days of sun while Kara attended to all the move details. It was wonderful. Kara is terrific. I recommend her highly.

Mike H.
Yelp Review

How to describe Pepper’s? A small business owner and mom of two little ones, we recently came home from a short trip away to find:

  • The house had been tidied
  • The beds had been made
  • The packages taken in
  • The dishwasher unloaded
  • Etc.

The best part? I didn’t have to ask – things just…get done. Pepper’s personal assistants aren’t errand runners (though they do that, too).   They’re…magic household managers – they spend some time up front figuring out what’s important to you, and boy it’s worth it.  They care about getting it right and are one step ahead. And they relieve the mental load of having to coordinate it all.  Thank you Pepper’s!

Sara K.
Google Review

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