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How to Be the Best Personal Assistant

Being a great personal assistant requires more than just completing to-do lists. The very best personal assistants work actively to better themselves and their services, and are aware that there’s always room for improvement. Whether you work in households or offices, the following tips should...

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Why Successful People Outsource

You’ve probably admired successful people who seem to do it all, and wondered just how they do it. A likely answer is that they don’t. Outsourcing Spurs Success Working professionals are increasingly turning to outsourcing as a means to lessen their loads, avoid fatigue, and perform higher-quality...

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How to Get Organized Before Back-to-School Season

We’ve talked about meal prepping, scheduling, and balancing your career and home life before, but let’s face it — you can never be too prepared for back-to-school season. Be sure to set aside some time to help you get organized before the rush of household,...

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Why You Need to Spend More Time in the Sun This Summer

Summer is now in full swing, and we all know that in the Northwest, those sunny days are numbered. If you’re missing out on this precious sunlight due to household chores and other indoor tasks, the time has come to set your priorities straight. Keep...

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The Downsides of Multitasking

We all love the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a task, but juggling too many items at a time can have some unwanted consequences. Read on to learn about the downsides of multitasking and how you can rid yourself of the bad habit. Why...