Find Your Ideal Assistant

We listen to your specific needs and then start the process of finding your personal assistant. In addition to being supported by a personal assistant, you receive support from Pepper’s management. We are on your team. 

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Management Team


Operations Manager

Andrea L
HR Manager

Andrea D
Client Experience Manager

What Happens Next?

Chat With Us

Discuss your specific needs with us and we’ll determine if Pepper’s is a good match.


Sign our Service Agreement and purchase a Getting Started Package for $1,000.

Find a Match

Chat with Katie, our Operations Manager, who will do a deeper dive into your preferences and needs to ensure we match you with the ideal personal assistant.


We’ll start the search for the ideal dedicated personal assistant to come in and support you at home, so you can be free to focus on other things.

Meet Your New Assistant

We will introduce you to the personal assistant selected just for you. During the meeting, we will discuss Pepper’s policies and get your new personal assistant familiar with your home.

Pepper’s takes care of the rest. No need to worry about taxes, benefits, or new labor laws. We also manage, train, and provide a supportive community for our employees so that they love working for Pepper’s and continue to support you long-term.


Complete weekly phone, video, or in-person check-ins with your personal assistant to keep open communication on tasks and preferences.

Pepper’s management team will complete ongoing check-ins with you to continue to support you and ensure your needs are being met.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

After a few months, your personal assistant often knows what they need to do to support your household before you even do!

Magic? Maybe. Building service-oriented professional relationships based on trust, respect, and listening? That’s the Pepper’s way.