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As every good relationship starts with trust, at Pepper’s Personal Assistants, we believe strongly in building those strong connections with our clients and their families on a weekly basis. We will meet with you to determine where you need help most. We’re also extremely accommodating, meeting with clients more or less as needed. Furthermore, our love of family and personal time extends beyond just dual-income families or those who work long hours because they simply love what they do.

Whether you’re a busy consultant who just needs a hot meal and clean laundry at the end of the day, a doctor who needs more time to decompress after the rigors and emotional stresses of hours spent at the hospital, or both you and your spouse have far too many home and work challenges to juggle to get the bare essentials done, Pepper’s PA can step in to help you bring order to life’s chaos.

The greatest value to you lies in developing an ongoing relationship! In a matter of weeks we can have your home running smoothly and efficiently by coming in weekly to get you organized and take care of your to do lists.

We offer 3 different subscriptions for you to choose from based on your needs. This special value is for clients who commit to a minimum of three months service. By that point, but likely much sooner, you will wonder why you didn’t hire us a long time ago!

How To Pick A Package From Pepper’s


  • Our 6 hour weekly retainer ($480, $76/hr for additional hours) is great if you just need a little help each week with things like laundry, picking up dry cleaning, prescriptions, and grocery shopping.


  • Would you love for someone to come in twice a week to cook healthy meals, tidy up the house and create systems to keep your house organized? The 12 hour weekly retainer ($912, $72/hr for additional hours) is for you!


  • Are you looking for someone to take care of it ALL so you can get your evenings and weekends back, you will love our 24 hour weekly retainer ($1752, $69/hr for additional hours). You will never have to take your car in for an oil change, wait at the vet or run out of toothpaste again. We will handle it all.


Our weekly subscriptions renew every two weeks. Unused hours do not roll over. Subscriptions can be changed any time before the beginning of the next billing cycle. Subscriptions can be canceled in writing with 30 days notice.

It’s as Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Phone Call
  2. Paperwork
  3. Personal Assistant
    • Have a key made or keyless entry code set up
    • Contact your credit card company to set up a credit card in your personal assistant’s name

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