Case Study: John & Sarah | Peppers Personal Assistants

Case Study: John & Sarah

The Challenge

What the Client Needed

John and Sarah are empty-nesters with busy professional lives. They love what they do and work hard.

When they come home they don’t want to worry about the chores and the nagging repairs that need to be done on the house. Tired of arguing about who was responsible for the mundane weekly tasks, they called in Pepper’s to help.

Product and Service Research

Someone onsite for contractors


What We Did

Tasks We Completed

John and Sarah’s personal assistant crossed 11 items off their to-do list in her first day. She researched and booked local contractors to complete the home repair projects that had been on their list for years. She was onsite to supervise the repairs and ensure the projects stayed within budget.

She set up a weekly schedule to help with the mundane chores of cleaning the patio and keeping their kitchen and home office organized. She also serves as a companion for their elderly dog. Home maintenance is now scheduled ongoing and taken care of by the personal assistant. John and Sarah never have to wonder what needs to be done.

The results

How We Helped

John and Sarah’s personal assistant has developed a trusting relationship during her weekly visits. They have the peace of mind that their needs are understood and the tasks will be taken care of efficiently and on budget.

The house is looking great again and they have reduced the anxiety & mental clutter of unfinished repairs. Pepper’s has opened up their weekends for relaxing together and enjoying their beautiful home.