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Case Study: Suzanne & Erica

The Challenge

What the Client Needed

Suzanne is a VP at a local biotech company. Erica started her own consulting company when their two children went back to school a few years ago.

Their dual roles of mom and professional require long hours. (Not to mention the additional care of two precocious cats and their sweet shih tzu!)

Suzanne and Erica wanted to spend evenings and weekends with their two children instead of being consumed with mundane household chores.

Grocery Shopping



Meal Prep

What We Did

Tasks We Completed

Suzanne and Erica’s dedicated personal assistant comes in twice a week for four hours. She washes, folds and puts away the laundry. She changes the bedding and tidies up the house. She scoops the cat litter and takes the dog the groomers. She makes the school lunches and organizes the mail. She loads the dishwasher and takes out the trash and recycling. She goes to the grocery store and washes and preps all the produce.

The results

How We Helped

Suzanne and Erica’s household runs like a well-oiled machine. They no longer have to negotiate who is going to do the laundry or the grocery shopping. Mornings run much smoother now that the kids always have clean clothes and a lunch ready. Erica can focus on her business when she is working from home instead of getting distracted by a long list of chores.