A Month for Moms Giveaway

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EDIT: Thank you to all who entered our Month for Moms giveaway! We were able to choose 3 winners who each received 5 hours of help from Pepper’s Personal Assistants. This giveaway is now closed, we appreciate your support! 


Check out Pepper’s Personal Assistants Month for Moms FREE 5 hour package giveaway! What’s on your list that you can outsource? Pepper’s Personal Assistants would like to give you the gift of time and take care of it for you.

Ideas for remote and no contact tasks:

1. Calling vendors and service providers to see when they are opening and scheduling appointments before they are booked out too far.

2. Packaging up and returning all of those clothes bought online that didn’t work.

3. Grocery shopping and running errands.

4. Picking up your favorite take out dinner while you focus on work & family.

5. Researching new appliances or private school options for the Fall.

To be considered, fill out the quick form letting us know how we can help.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of requests and employee availability, we may not be able to assist everyone. Our goal is to respond within 24 business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • What can I expect if I’m selected? 
      • We will follow up with you via email to collect any additional information that will help us successfully complete your tasks. The personal assistant will spend up to five hours over the next 2 weeks helping you with your list. 
    • What if I’d like to nominate someone else? 
      • If you know of a mom that could benefit from our services please send them the form link to fill out.
    • How does payment work?
      • If we are making purchases on your behalf we will need you to pre-pay for those purchases via Paypal or Venmo. We will refund any balance after the purchase. We cannot make purchases over the amount you have prepaid. Our services are provided free of charge and we do not add any additional fees.
    • What if I don’t want to use Venmo or Paypal?
      • If you don’t want to use these options to provide prepayment we cannot make purchases on your behalf but we can still help. If you place an order for groceries online through your local grocery store and pre-pay, our assistant can then pick up the supplies and deliver it to your door.
    • What if I don’t have the funds to pay for purchases?
    • Can the personal assistant do work in my home?
      • No, for everyone’s safety we are only able to do no contact porch dropoffs, errands, and remote work for non-clients. 
    • I’m not a mom, can I still receive support?
      • Right now our focus is on moms and healthcare workers. If we have the bandwidth to support more people in need, we will do so. If you are someone in need of support during these times please complete the form, let us know you aren’t a mom or healthcare worker and we will let you know if we’re able to help.
    • What locations are you providing services to?
      • We are able to serve Seattle, Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland.
    • What if there is a service I need help with that isn’t listed on the form?
      • Please fill in the task under “Other” on the form and we will accommodate if we are able.