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We provide long-term support to busy executive households who are ready to outsource, allowing clients more time and headspace to focus on their family, career, and the things they truly love. Currently, we offer two packages to support your needs:

Personal Assistant | 15-35 hours starting at $1275 per week

We ask for at least a three month commitment from new clients.

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Vendor Management


Grocery Shopping


Appointment Scheduling


Food Prep


Pet Care



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Bill Pay

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Travel Planning


Home Deliveries


Home Maintenance Management




On-Site for Vendors


Donation Drop Offs






Prescription Pickups

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What Clients Are Saying

No day is normal for us, especially lately, but our personal assistant Cheryl handles everything we throw her way with ease. She is always positive and has an indefatigable can-do attitude. We are a busy family and knowing she is there for us provides such a relief. Recently, we moved into our renovated home and Cheryl was able to manage so many of the logistics while also keeping us up to date, it made the process so much easier for us. We are so thankful to have Cheryl and Pepper’s Personal Assistants.

– Denise C.

My husband and I both hold full-time jobs and are in the “sandwich” phase of our lives, with responsibilities for our parents, our children and extended family. We had become overwhelmed by trying to maintain the house, the cars, the dog and more. Pepper’s Personal Assistants found our assistant, Laura, with minimal effort on our part. Laura has helped us get ahead and get organized.

– Professional Couple in Kirkland

Kara and our personal assistant (Liz) have made my life so much easier. When I initially reached out for help, I was feeling very overwhelmed and unsure what pieces to get off my plate. As a small business owner, there is never enough time in the day. Liz has taken a huge weight off my shoulders and has been a joy to work with. I can’t recommend Kara and her team more highly.

– Lisa Mayfield/Aging Wisdom

PPA helped me arrange several company events and assisted me with relocation. Very versatile, reliable and required little oversight. Saved me lots of time. Highly recommended for the busy professional.

– Paul K. 

As a small business owner with an active family life, Pepper’s Personal Assistants has been just the service I needed. For almost two years, Pepper’s Personal Assistants has been taking care of a wide range of tasks that cover many parts of my personal and family life. From folding laundry, to grocery shopping, scheduling appointments, organizing and tidying up, Pepper’s Personal Assistants does so much for my family that I consider their service to be indispensable

– Small Business Owner in Seattle

Our personal assistant comes to the house weekly to help with routine tasks, such as laundry, errands and caring for our dog. We appreciate that she takes the initiative to get tasks done and also is careful to stay within her budgeted hours. Thanks to our assistant and Pepper’s Personal Assistants, we now can stay ahead of our “to-do” lists and feel in control of our lives.

– Professional Couple in Kirkland

Our assistant is a joy to have in our home. No task is too big or too small for her – she takes on whatever needs to be done, and she prioritizes well. She is an excellent communicator, both in person and via writing/slack. She also has a high EQ and is a very caring person – my cats and kids seem to delight her. All in, she not only makes me more effective and efficient, she makes me better.

– Attorney in Bellevue