Grocery and Meal Planning

Sometimes it's easier to get home after a long day and just order takeout. We get it! Who wants to rummage around the refrigerator and spend another hour or two cooking after everything else? But when this becomes a habit, it's easy to let nutrition take a backseat to other priorities. Don't worry - Pepper's Personal Assistants can provide several services to make delicious, healthy eating simple. 

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Grocery Shopping

Imagine a world where you come home on a weekday and your fridge and cabinets are stocked with all of your favorite foods? Grocery shopping is extremely time-consuming. Avoid going out on the busy weekends or when you're extra hungry, and savor the free time that Pepper's can provide. We'll do your regular grocery shopping for you, or coordinate and pick up your scheduled grocery deliveries to make sure you always have what you need.

To learn more about our grocery shopping services.

Meal Planning and Prep

We've all been there. Late night grocery shopping, picking up random items without a list and later realizing you haven't planned out any full meals for the week. Pepper's Personal Assistants can help with that. We'll work with you to create well-rounded grocery lists of things you really need (and will be happy to eat later on) and plan out meals for the week ahead. Additionally, our assistants love to meal prep. All you have to do is cook the prepared items, or grab a container out of the fridge for your lunch on-the-go!

For Pepper's Personal Assistants, meal planning and prep is a breeze!

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Fridge and Cupboard Organizing

It's hard to know what you want to eat, or what you have the ingredients for when your cupboard and fridge are a mess. Pepper's Personal Assistants can take organizing your kitchen to the next level, by clearing out the old (and maybe even expired) stuff taking up space in your cupboards and fridge, and restocking them in a way that's easy for you to see and get to.

A well-organized and clean kitchen will make mealtime easy - and we can help.


My Personal Assistant has been crushing it. She made this pasta recipe recently that I think I could eat every day for a year straight!

- Jeff