Vendor Management

Interior designers. Landscapers. Carpenters. Cleaners. Plumbers. The list goes on and on. They help you live and work like you deserve. Still, juggling the number of people who sustain your daily routine can be overwhelming

Take a deep breath: Pepper’s Personal Assistants is here to handle vendor management. Our PAs save you even more decision-making by pulling from a long, curated list of thoroughly vetted local vendors. We know who’s great to work with and who to avoid.

If you’re away from home, your personal assistant speaks with, schedules and pays vendors. They ensure any services go as expected. They take inventory of and oversee any items vendors drop off and pick up. If any issues arise, they’re prepared to tackle them.

And if you’re at home and simply want to relax, let your PA take vendor management off your plate. Your time is precious — spend it on yourself and your family!

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Managing Vendors

Don’t worry about scheduling, coordinating with and communicating your needs to vendors. Your PA does the heavy lifting, from initiating work to inspecting results. 

Say, when landscapers maintain your lawn, your PA checks the work and gives feedback. Meanwhile, they supervise your landscapers to guarantee you get the services you paid for. Then, your PA checks whether they’re charging fairly according to their quality of work — and organizes their actual payment. 

Now, replace “landscapers” with any other vendor. Let us take a giant weight off your shoulders! 

Discover how we handle everyday tasks so you’re never overburdened. Book a call to discuss how we make vendor management easy, including our preferred vendor list. 

Dealing With On-Site Vendors

Vendors can show up at the worst times. When you’re at the office, on vacation or otherwise occupied, your PA tells vendors your exact expectations. Why wrestle with phone calls, texts and emails and hope they get your instructions clear?

The same goes for when you’re home. Don’t ignore your self-care day when you don’t have to! Your PA speaks with on-site vendors so you can lie back, uninterrupted. We specialize in finding out what you want — and then making sure vendors professionally deliver it. 

Speak with us, and see how dealing with on-site vendors can be the last thing you think about. No matter where you are, vendors have your PA’s keen oversight.

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mail services

Handling Mailing Services

The process of sending, receiving, sorting, forwarding and storing mail isn’t just frustrating — it’s exhausting. Our PAs know how to expertly supervise your packages, priority mail and more. 

Don’t stress when you have that big shipment of holiday gifts or perishables out for delivery. Reclaim your time! Your PA checks whether they arrive undamaged, in shape and on schedule. If you need to return an item, we coordinate that, too — and make sure shipping is precisely right.

In fact, your PA manages all incoming and outgoing mail providers, USPS to UPS. FedEx to DHS. Find perfectly organized mailing and around-the-clock peace of mind.

Forget about weighing your mail service options. Contact Pepper’s Personal Assistants to learn how we take care of it — and take one more stressor out of your life.

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"Pepper's preferred vendor list is so helpful. It helped me find a housecleaner for my client's short term rental which they were happy with!"

- PA Anne