How Hiring a Personal Assistant Can Support Your Family While Remote Learning and Working From Home

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We’re weeks into autumn and “back-to-school” looks a little different this year with remote learning due to the pandemic. This means if you or your partner stay home during the day, the time you might typically use to tidy up around the house, get through errands, and prep meals has been replaced with assisting your child with their virtual learning. 

Many parents may even be working from home as well, turning the household into a multi-purpose building — a school, an office, a restaurant, and a place to (hopefully) get some sleep all in one. 

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During this stressful time, managing the household tasks can fall to the bottom of your list. It’s impossible to do it all right now. This is why making the decision to outsource  your to-do list can bring much needed relief and a feeling of calm to your household.   

Here’s what hiring a personal assistant can do for you, so that you can focus on your career, assist with remote learning, and spend quality time with your family.

Grocery Shopping

After a long day troubleshooting Zoom calls and helping with homework, the last thing you want to face is an empty refrigerator. Hiring a personal assistant to help order groceries or go out and pick up healthy ingredients for dinner can help reduce your stress at the end of a long day.

Meal Planning and Prep

In addition to grocery shopping, a personal assistant can go one step further by taking over meal planning and prep throughout the week. Making sure your family is eating healthy can be difficult when you and your partner are home all day alternating between working and supporting your child through the remote learning process. When your typical schedule is upended, having someone to plan out nutritional dinners and even prep easy-to-grab lunches can take a load off of your shoulders. 

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Even though we aren’t going out socially as much, and your child doesn’t have to wear a school uniform while remote learning, it doesn’t mean we should be recycling the same pair of sweatpants and t-shirts every couple of days. Finding time to wash, dry, fold, and iron clothes can seem impossible. We can get it done from start to finish so you can feel put-together no matter what the day brings.

Bill Paying

If you or your partner are already staring at a screen all day between working from home and helping your kids with virtual school, staying on the internet longer to organize and pay bills is going to be the last thing you want to do. A personal assistant can help you set up payment automation, and organize your finances so you have one less thing on your list. 

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Shopping and Returns

Even before the pandemic scrambled everyone’s schedules, finding time to hit the stores, return products, or exchange purchases proved difficult — especially if you’re a working parent. Hiring a personal assistant to run these errands for you can free up precious free time, help you avoid having to leave the house, and shorten your to-do list. 

How Pepper’s Personal Assistants Can Help

If you or your partner are currently at home with your kids and need more support when it comes to assisting with your child’s remote learning, working from home, and managing your household, Pepper’s Personal Assistants is ready to help. 

Our Personal Assistant package will pair you with a dedicated personal assistant to help out 12-40 hours per week, tackling the aforementioned tasks and more, including pet care, home maintenance management, and scheduling.

Just need a little boost to help you keep organized? Pepper’s Task Management package matches you with a personal assistant that will come cross off things on your to-do list for 5 hours per week.

Call us at 206-228-5768, or send us a message today for a free consultation to see if Pepper’s Personal Assistants is the right fit and can help support your needs.