Shopping and Returns

While a little retail therapy can be fun, we understand that not all shopping trips are enjoyable. Fortunately, Pepper’s Personal Assistants are able to step in and take that shopping list off of your hands. Whether you need to tackle a list of party decorations for an upcoming event, or pick up an online order once it arrives at your local department store, Pepper’s can handle it. To top it off, you know that pile of items in the corner you need to return? Our assistants can make it disappear like *that*.

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Like we said, not all trips to the store mean treats for ourselves. Sometimes shopping can be more of a pain than a fun outing. If you have a list of items to pick up, whether it’s for a dinner party or a simple kitchen restock, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, if something you’ve ordered online is ready in store, we can go ahead and pick that up for you. Looking for a particular item but don’t have the time to cross-reference and find the best deals? Pepper’s Personal Assistants can do the online research and provide you with a list of options to purchase that fit your unique needs.

Take a load off and find out more about our shopping services.


We all have one. A stack of wrong-sized pants, tags attached by the dresser. A bag you ended up not needing. A duplicate toy or book with a gift receipt from your kid’s birthday party. Maybe these items have gotten as far as the trunk of your car — but they haven’t made it to the store or post office quite yet. Pepper’s can help with that extra step and return your unwanted items, either through dropping them off in the mail or facilitating an in-person return at a store. 

Say goodbye to that pile of “need to return” items — we’ll take them off of your hands.


I recently broke my foot and I wasn't able to get around very well on crutches. Thanks to Pepper, my house stayed clean! She went grocery shopping for me, took my dogs for walks, took out the trash/recycling, and did the dishes and laundry. I don't know how I would have done it without her.

- Hope