Travel Planning

Booking a rental car, flight and hotel room can sap your energy before you even arrive at your destination. You’re already busy, and getting from point A to point B shouldn’t burn you out. Rest easy — your travel plans flow hassle-free with Pepper’s Personal Assistants

Whether you’re on the move for business or pleasure, we’ve got your back (and all the phone calls, registrations and scheduling headaches). Imagine us as your all-in-one travel agents! 

Hey, we’ll even manage your house, plan meals and more while you’re away. Arrive in style no matter where you’re headed, from crucial conferences to desperately needed vacays.

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Rental Car Booking

You get to the rental car company, and your sleek sedan is waiting. You nab the keys and head off into the sunset. No long lines, no seemingly endless decisions, no sudden hiccups — your Pepper’s personal assistant has covered the bases. 

They’ve shopped around, and they’ve searched for your favorite make and model. And they’ve done it all within your budget! Who knew booking a rental car could be so simple? 

Discover how a Pepper’s personal assistant goes the extra mile — it’s our specialty. Schedule a call with us to hear more!

Flight Booking

Crawling website after website for the perfect place, time and airline. Searching months in advance to snag the most affordable, comfortable options. Wading through fees, fines and frequent flier miles. No one said booking a flight is fun (because it’s not). 

Take the task off your itinerary with Pepper’s Personal Assistants. They’ll handle all that tedium, while you simply share your timeline and preferences. They’ll even pack your bags and flight snacks. You’ll feel like you have TSA PreCheck before even arriving at the airport!

Are you ready to streamline your flight and take back your time? Speak with us, and learn how getting to the gate is a snap.


Hotel Booking

You’re jetlagged and ready to flop onto a gorgeously fluffy bed. It’s wonderful to know your Pepper’s personal assistant has reserved a beautiful room well in advance! Instead of calling around for pricey, last-minute accommodations and settling for an “it’ll-do” spot, get the very best beforehand. 

Plus, your personal assistant can hunt down a hotel with your must-haves. Do you need a luxe spa, bar and restaurant for supercharged self-care? They’ll uncover your oasis. After that smooth rental car pickup and painless flight, your travel plans are in the bag. 

See how seamless finding your hotel haven can be. Talk to us today, and let us book your home away from home!


I was traveling to Maui and restaurants were being booked up, I wanted to make sure there were restaurants available before I booked my hotel. My PA helped research and make reservations which was a big help.

- Noelle