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When you hear the term “personal assistant,” you might immediately think of someone in an office, taking notes, forwarding phone calls, or bringing coffee to the executive meetings. Similarly, the title “household manager” could inspire grandiose thoughts of large estates where the household staff includes chauffeurs, personal chefs, and maids.

These are accurate connotations, but the tricky thing is that these are also words used to describe who we are at Pepper’s Personal Assistants. While personal assistant, household manager, and concierge are all titles our team can proudly claim, Pepper’s Personal Assistants is a service designed for the average individual during their busy day-to-day life.

Here’s What Pepper’s Does Differently

The goal of Pepper’s Personal Assistants is to give professional individuals their personal time back, whether to indulge in self-care, catch up on some well-needed sleep, spend time with loved ones, or simply take a moment to themselves. We are made up of a team of thoroughly vetted, trained, and talented individuals who all have one thing in common: we thrive on providing excellent service. 

When you hire a personal assistant from Pepper’s, you can delegate certain household tasks and assignments to them to help you get organized, tackle projects, and get ahead of the game. Think of Pepper’s Personal Assistants as the additional pair of hands you always needed, or the solution to wanting a few extra hours in the day after you get things done to relax.

After you choose from one of our two service packages, a dedicated member of our personal assistant team will come to your home to support you with a variety of tasks depending on your specific needs and the time allotted. 

From grocery shopping and meal prep to bill paying, pet care, and laundry—we can handle it. Our goal is to know what you need before you do, to help you reclaim your time, and bring you peace of mind.

Our Service Packages

Pepper’s Personal Assistants offer two different service packages depending on your unique needs and time requirement, the Task Assistant package and the Personal Assistant package.

Whichever service package you choose, we’re happy to help you get some things off your plate and free your time up for what’s more important.

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Successful People Need Support

We get it. You’re a hard-working professional who might be struggling with balancing work, tasks at home, your social life, and the ever elusive “me” time. Asking for help can be hard, but with Pepper’s Personal Assistants it doesn’t have to be. We care about your wellbeing and health, which can be negatively impacted by stress and a heavy mental load

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Find out more about our unique service packages, the types of tasks Pepper’s can take care of, and our onboarding process on our service page. Reclaim your time and get back to living your best life. Contact Pepper’s Personal Assistants today and find your ideal assistant.

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“The first day my personal assistant came, I was working all day in the office. When I came out, there were flowers, my home was tidy, and dinner was prepped in the fridge. I almost started crying! I have needed help for a long time, but I was thinking I could handle everything on my own. My Pepper’s PA has provided incredible value and impact on my life.”


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