Appointment Scheduling and Bill Payment

Few things are worse than being on hold for 10 minutes to schedule an appointment. And what about checking your account balances and paying your bills? You’d rather do pretty much anything else.

Let Pepper’s Personal Assistants wait out the annoying music, organize automated payments and handle any payment drop-offs. We may not be able to get that tooth cleaning for you, but we can schedule it and help you pay the dentist! 

Scheduling appointments and paying bills are tasks that someone has to do, but you can skip the hassle. Whether you’re home or away, our personal assistants make sure your appointments and bills never fall behind. Take those aggravating tasks off your to-do list with Pepper’s Personal Assistants so you can reclaim your time.

appointing scheduling and bill payment


Pepper's Personal Assistants


Pepper's Personal Assistants


scheduling appointments

Scheduling Appointments

It feels like you spend your whole afternoon on the phone when you have loads of appointments to schedule. From important doctor visits to your kid’s soccer practice, the calendar updates and reminders are plain frustrating. We’d love to sweep in and take the process off your hands. 

Your Pepper’s personal assistant keeps your appointments on time and in order. All you have to do is tell them what to schedule! And those trips fit neatly into your day, according to what you need to do and when.

See how a Pepper’s personal assistant makes appointment scheduling easy. Schedule a call with us — and we’ll schedule the rest. 

Canceling and Rescheduling Appointments

Let’s say you’ve had your heart set on that 6 p.m. pedicure, but a last-minute work task appears. Rescheduling and canceling appointments are different from making the first call. Tell your assistant what works for you, and they take it from there. 

Plus, some places like to stick you with charges if you don’t cancel or reschedule an appointment by a certain time. You’re two steps ahead with a personal assistant who does their research and smartly shuffles your schedule.

Are you ready to get rid of the headache and create time for yourself? Speak with Pepper’s Personal Assistants to see how we make convenience an everyday thing.

cancelling appointments
paying bills

Paying Bills

It’s definitely not the best part of your month: going through apps, mail and websites to pay your bills. Frankly, bill payment isn’t just time-consuming — it’s stressful. Imagine how great it feels to forget about paying your bills as they come in. 

Our personal assistants are understanding, thorough and discreet. From utilities to internet, home services to contractors, stylists to credit cards, we’ve got you covered. In fact, you don’t have to worry about bill payment at all with your personal assistant on the case!

Have Pepper’s Personal Assistants take care of paying your bills (and forget about late charges). Speak with us, and see what a breeze bill payment can be.


“Bill pay is very important for me and the building we rent. It's a tedious task and I appreciate my PA completing it.”

- Maygan