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Pepper's Personal Assistants loves to talk with members of our community about the advantages of outsourcing and reinvesting time in yourself and your family. Additionally, we're always so grateful to be featured by some quality organizations that share our values.


Catch up on the latest news coverage, podcasts, interviews and reviews featuring Pepper's Personal Assistants.

Lead Like a Woman Podcast

"Feeling Graceful in Life"

I loved being interviewed on the Lead Like a Woman Show where I shared great lessons and stories.
You can check out my featured interview here: 
Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Podcast

"Is It Time for a Personal Assistant? (Hint: Yes!)"

In this episode of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®, discover the power of outsourcing household tasks with a personal assistant. Join Davina as she interviews Kara McKeage, founder of Seattle-based Pepper's Personal Assistants, as they discuss how professional women can regain time, organization, and peace of mind.

The Customer Wins

"Achieve Work-Life Balance With a Household Assistant"

I loved being interviewed on The Customer Wins where I shared great lessons and stories.
You can check out my featured interview
Seattle Magazine

"Why Many Seattleites Now Use a Personal Concierge"

Learn about the popularity of personal concierge services in Seattle, the creation of Pepper's Personal Assistants, and how it gives local moms more bandwidth to reinvest in themselves and their families.

Seattle Business Magazine

"You're Being Served"

Read about the creation of Pepper's Personal Assistants in 2012, and how it helps busy executives, professionals and working parents carve out more time for themselves and their families.

Maximum Mom

"When and How to Ask For Help With Kara McKeage"

Kara McKeage joins Elise Buie to discuss how to feel okay asking for support, delegating to a personal assistant, raising kids without entitlement, and the personal work that needs to happen in order to run a successful business.

Wall Street Journal

"Battling Pandemic Blues: How Managers Can Rally the Troops"

While times may be tough, this article discusses how bosses of companies (including Pepper's Personal Assistants) can improve morale with project management tools and virtual team-building.

Mommy Dentists in Business Podcast

"Episode 223: Interview with Founder and CEO of Pepper's Personal Assistants, Kara McKeage"

Dr. Yum talks with Kara McKeage about the multitude of benefits that come with hiring a personal assistant, and how Pepper's Personal Assistant can help find you the perfect match for your unique needs.

The Efficiency B Podcast

"T | Time: Superwomen Don't Do It All Alone with Kara McKeage"

Kara McKeage talks with "The Efficiency B Podcast" host Melissa Leon about the process of finding and maintaining a healthy relationship with your personal assistant, the details of personal assistant employment, why women in particular experience shame around outsourcing, and overcoming the fear of task delegation.

Stacking Your Team

"SYT 24: Designing a Culture That Grows Your Brand with Kara McKeage"

Host of "Stacking Your Team" Shelli Warren talks with Kara McKeage about the importance of creating a strong team culture that drives business growth, Kara's unique approach to team meetings and how she stays connected with her employees.

The Shrimp Tank Podcast

"How a Personal Assistant Can Save You Time"

Kara McKeage connects with "the best entrepreneur podcast in the country," The Shrimp Tank, to chat about the inspiration for starting her business, what the most popular PA tasks are, and balancing motherhood with being a business owner.

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