How to Get Organized Before Back-to-School Season

Children getting on a school bus

We’ve talked about meal prepping, scheduling, and balancing your career and home life before, but let’s face it — you can never be too prepared for back-to-school season. Be sure to set aside some time to help you get organized before the rush of household, homework, and school activities replace the mellow pace of summer.

Get to the Stores Before Everyone Else

We’ve all been there: The first day of school is right around the corner, and we’ve left back-to-school shopping for the last minute. The stores are full of like-minded parents, and school supply options are dwindling. You wish you had taken care of this sooner.

According to a RetailMeNot survey, back-to-school shopping causes anxiety for nine out of 10 parents, and for 63 percent of those parents, in-store dilemmas  — such as crowds and not finding the right supplies — are a source of that anxiety. For a stress-free shopping experience, consider hitting the stores  and finding your kids’ favorite supplies  at least four weeks before school starts. You’ll be happy you did!

Out With the Old, In With the New

Don’t let clutter hold you or your kids back this school year. Kids quickly outgrow clothing, shoes, toys, and just about everything else before you may even notice. If they can’t or don’t use it, donate or recycle these used items and make space for new memories.

Check out these other tips designed to bring some peace into your life during this active season.

Clean Out the Cupboards

Spring cleaning has become a ritual for many households, but back-to-school season warrants a deep cleaning just as much. Once you’re finished decluttering, keep your motor running and give the whole house a thorough scrubbing. You’ll be glad you did come September.

Compile Your Documentation

Schools often require certain documentation at the beginning of the year, especially if you’re enrolling your child at the school for the first time. To avoid scrambling for these documents later on, get everything in order ahead of time. This may require making appointments for immunizations or physical exams, if your child plays sports.

Create a Filing System

Once school starts, you can expect to see a steady flow of paper making its way home in your children’s backpacks: homework, art projects, parent handouts, progress reports, and more. Rather than let these cherished mementos pile up or get scattered throughout your home, create a filing system for everything you want or need to keep. This will help you keep things organized and hold onto only what’s really necessary.

Call in a Personal Assistant

Does accomplishing all of this before school starts seem like an impossible task? You don’t have to do it alone. Hire a personal assistant to take on some of your errands, chores, and other household management tasks and help give you a stress-free back-to-school transition. Plus, this will free you up to spend more time with your kids before they start class!