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How to Be Successful with Your Personal Assistant

If you’re considering hiring a personal assistant, you’re already one step closer to a more efficient daily life. Once you and your PA start to build a relationship, how do you leverage it to see successful results? Our team has a few tips to point...

How to Decide Which Personal Tasks to Outsource

Through the years as personal assistants, we’ve learned a thing or two about the types of tasks clients tend to need help with most often. Ultimately, no matter the task, what matters most is that it’s saving the client time. Of course, as you decide which...

Why There Is No Shame in Asking for Help

Where men have been historically stereotyped as headstrong providers (who, for instance, refuse to ask for directions on the road), women have been pigeonholed as nurturing caregivers who unfailingly shoulder the nuclear family’s domestic burden (all while wearing a warm smile, of course). But as...