group shot of pepper's personal assistants staff

The Pepper’s Way

The Pepper’s Way has been developed over the past ten years. We’ve learned how to bring ease into our clients’ lives quickly, what makes a great personal assistant, and how clients and their personal assistant can build a successful long term relationship.  The Pepper’s Way We believe the best personal assistants find joy in making …

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Guide to Backyard Farming

Backyard farming — sometimes referred to as urban farming, container gardening, or micro-farming — is a way to transform your yard, patio, or even windowsill into a thriving garden. From smaller gardens that grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit to larger operations that include beekeeping and chicken coops, backyard farming encourages sustainable living and healthy eating …

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Giving Feedback to Your Personal Assistant: Radical Candor

A personal assistant can take your life from unorganized and overwhelming to structured and manageable. However, this change won’t happen overnight: You’ll first have to invest in communication to show your personal assistant how they can best help you.  In the beginning, this may mean spending 80% of your time communicating in order to get …

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