10 Things You’d Love to Never Have to Do Again


Sometimes it feels like life is a parade of drudgery. There are so many things we have to do, and not enough time for the things we want to do. If you feel like too many mundane tasks are making it hard to devote your energy to the things that really make your life worth living, maybe you could pass a few off to us. Pepper’s Personal Assistants are here to take some responsibilities off your plate so you don’t have to waste any more time on them.

Here’s a few ideas of what we might help you with, but we’re always down to hear your ideas, too!

Dry Cleaning and Laundry

You need clean, pressed clothes every day, but nothing drains your time and energy quite like dealing with laundry often enough to make sure you have that. We can help you make sure your closet is full and your hamper is empty.

Grocery Shopping

Few things sap your time and patience quite like hitting the grocery store after work on a weekday. Wouldn’t it be better if you could just open your fridge and find it stocked with all your favorites? It might sound like magic, but it’s just us.

Dog Walking

Most pet owners love spending quality time with their animals–after all, that’s why they got them!–but when your schedule is full, you shouldn’t have to choose between letting your work or your dog suffer.

Prescription Refill

You just took your last pill, so you’ll need to go to the pharmacy before 5 today. That is, unless you’ve hired Pepper’s. We’re always happy to do emergency pick-ups for you, but the odds are good that if you’re a client, we probably called in and delivered your prescription days ago!

Gift Shopping

Uh oh—your coworker’s baby shower is tonight! Instead of showing up empty-handed, bringing something as gauche as cash or a gift card, or skipping that last meeting to find something, let us pick up a thoughtful gift for you!

Making Reservations

The in-laws are coming to town, and you need to make a dinner reservation for tonight at a place with low sodium, gluten-free options, and plenty of ambience. Rather than spend half an hour scouring Yelp and calling around, let us find you the perfect table.

Paying Bills

Roughly 1 in 4 adult Americans fail to always pay their bills on time, and 61 percent of those who fail to pay on time blame forgetfulness, not financial need. If you’re one of the many people who struggle to keep track of their payment deadlines, let us take over. Your credit score will thank you!

Doctor’s Appointments

Nothing makes an experience feel like a waste of time quite like hold music. If you’re trying to schedule an appointment, let us wait for you! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to go to the dentist on your behalf, but at least you don’t need to hear three rounds of “Pachelbel’s Canon.”

Supervising Home Improvement 

Have you ever noticed that if you wait around for a furniture delivery (or appliance installation, internet or cable guy, a home repair or remodeling crew, etc) from 8am-3pm, they’ll come at the last possible moment or whenever you need to run a 15 minute errand. Let us wait for the handyman or delivery guy–not only can we promise to be there to greet them, and supervise while they work, but we can also take care of your to-do list as we wait.

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