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Out-source Chore Services | Pepper’s Personal Assistants

Single or coupled, there are many things to negotiate to keep everyday life remaining in harmony! Chores don’t have to be one of those things.

We all have at least one task in our lives that we don’t want to deal with (Seriously, you know you can’t stand dealing with the laundry…). Let us help define & refine your Chore List, or check out this post on how to decide what to outsource to us!

Some scenarios that we’ve helped with include the following, our you can check some of our case studies:

  • Trash/Recycling: It’s Monday morning…you’re running late and (yet again!) have no time to take out the trash and recycling…except this time, you’re not worried because Pepper’s Personal Assistants is on it!
  • Watering Plants: You’re back from two weeks in San Francisco for work and have come back to find your plants shriveled up on the windowsill….again. You swear you’ll get succulents next time… or, let us water them!
  • Cats!: You love your feline pals but wish someone else could take care of the kitty litter. Let us be your litter genie?
  • “Make your bed.”: You’ve probably heard it since you were 5 years old and know that you should be changing your bedding more often. We’ve got your covers covered (& who doesn’t love getting into fresh clean sheets at the end of a long work day?!)
  • Deck Cleaning: It’s the time of year when the sun is shining, yet you look outside to see your deck furniture covered in that funky Seattle spring mix of moss & dust. Call us. We can clean the outdoor furniture and the deck so that you can get straight to happy hour lounging when you get home.
  • Donation deliveries/pickups: Donation pile overflowing? We can document your donations for tax purposes and take it to Goodwill or schedule a pick-up for large items.
  • Laundry: Hate doing the laundry and putting it away? (See, we knew it was on this list!) We’re on it – chore no more!