How a Personal Assistant Can Help This Holiday Season

a Christmas tree with a family in the background

With the holidays just around the corner, our normal workloads are about to quadruple in size and scope. Santa Claus may have an entire workshop of elves to help him get through the holiday rush, but how are all of us mortals south of the North Pole supposed to cope? 

One recent study shows that 60% of Americans feel increased stress and anxiety around the holidays. The hustle and bustle can be overwhelming, so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for the help you need. But when friends and family are going through their own holiday stressors, who do you turn to?

While we may not have the magical powers required to make a sleigh fly, we do know the next best thing: a personal assistant who can make your life run smoothly. 

Here’s how a personal assistant can help you this holiday season.

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Shop for Gifts 

Once you’re done making a list and checking it twice, the hard work begins: braving holiday traffic, mall crowds and busy stores to pick up the perfect presents. 

But especially as you rush to complete your workload at the office in time for the holiday weekend — perhaps even putting in some overtime or working late nights — finding time to devote to gift shopping can be challenging. Besides, the free time you do have on weekends is precious and to be savored, not spent in a harrowing stampede of shoppers. 

Hand off your gift list to us, and we’ll handle the chaotic parking lots and long lines. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the real reason for the season — spending time with loved ones. We’ll load up the sleigh and shuttle the haul back to your home for wrapping (which we’re happy to help with, if you’d like!).

Delegate and Send Out Greeting Cards

How many times have you planned to send out old-fashioned holiday cards? And then before you know it, the season’s wrapping up — and you haven’t addressed half the envelopes or even purchased the cards? 

Your personal assistant can help you find the perfect greeting cards, gather names, address envelopes and ensure they’re all in the mail on time.

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Brave the Post Office and Mail Packages

The post office run can be a truly chaotic errand during the holiday season. Lines are often out the door, and in the ruckus it’s easy to forget to send out packages on schedule. 

Trust your personal assistant to gather all gifts headed to far-off friends and family and make sure they’re shipped on the dot. They’ll also brave the long lines and the mayhem of actually going inside the post office.

Book Lodging and Travel Accommodations

Are you planning on traveling for the holidays? 

A personal assistant can take the stress off booking lodging and travel arrangements. First, your assistant can sift through the endless hotel and Airbnb reviews to find you the ideal option. Next, they’ll do their best to snag you a flight for a decent price (and at a decent time).

Prep Before Events

Whether you’ll host an extravagant holiday meal with the entire extended family or have a few friends over for a small gift exchange, if you plan to open your home this season, chances are you’ve got a few to-dos before entertaining. 

Your personal assistant is here to lend a hand as you prepare everything from the menu to the house itself.

Got a few small pieces to finish off your festive decor scheme (wintry figurines, decorative pillows, wreaths, garlands or candles)? We’re happy to set them out on the couch, mantle, coffee table or elsewhere. 

While we’re at it, how about some help with grocery shopping and meal prep? We’re experts at chopping veggies for the stuffing and fruit for the pie.

Need someone at home to sign off on a special delivery package? Or maybe you need someone to water those poinsettias, put away the laundry and tidy up the living room before the guests arrive? You can count on us to complete tasks at home and beyond!

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Lighten Your Seasonal Load

Between work obligations and social events, family gatherings and seasonal errands, your already-busy life gets about five times busier during the holiday season. 

Fortunately, you’ll find no better time to enlist personal assistant services. 

Your personal assistant can cover the time-consuming tasks that burden your week. We’ll drop off and pick up your party dress or suit from the dry cleaners just in time for that festive soiree. 

Hitting the road for a holiday meal at grandma’s house? We can take the car in for maintenance so you can safely navigate any wet or icy highways.

Perform Absentee Services

If you’ll spend the holidays at another destination, we can hold down the fort while you’re away. Here are just a few samples of how a personal assistant can help this holiday season while you’re away:

  • Picking up and/or organizing your mail, newspapers or other deliveries
  • Taking out any trash or recycling
  • Turning lights and electronics off or on
  • Completing light tidying (like sweeping, dusting or turning down bedding)
  • Monitoring your home’s temperature (in other words, running the heat if necessary for pets or houseplants that require a specific climate)
  • Running faucets to prevent pipes from freezing and bursting
  • Restocking the fridge and having a meal ready for your return

A personal assistant can give you reprieve from worrying about your home while out of town. That way, you’ll be able to focus on relaxing and making lasting memories with those you love during the holidays.

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Relax This Holiday Season With Pepper’s Personal Assistants

Getting ready for the holidays should be exciting, not stressful. 

Embrace the warmth and merriment of the next several weeks and avoid the panic of last-minute preparations — Pepper’s Personal Assistants has your back.

Interested in learning more about how a personal assistant can help this holiday season? Contact Pepper’s today!