6 Signs You Need a Personal Assistant

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Sometimes deciding if you need a personal assistant can be an overwhelming task all in itself. This is why we’ve made it easy. If these six signs line up with your daily life, it might be an indicator you could benefit from hiring a personal assistant from Pepper’s.

You’re Trying to Take on Everything At Once

It’s easy to think that you can handle everything—and maybe you can! But completing tasks, planning out future projects, and worrying about everyone else all at the same time can be detrimental to your happiness and wellbeing. 

Relieve your mental load by hiring a personal assistant. Take a moment to list out all of the planning, scheduling, and organizing that’s cluttering your mind and decide which tasks can be outsourced. A personal assistant can take care of these tasks and give you back the time and flexibility to focus on what really matters. Don’t forget, successful people ask for help too!

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You Find Yourself Putting Off Simple Tasks 

Does it seem like the more things you need to do, the more you find yourself pushing small, everyday tasks to the back burner? 

If you’re too busy tackling large projects and never-ending to-do lists to get to daily tasks such as dishes or laundry, a personal assistant might be a great fit. PAs can take care of the little things so they don’t pile up and cause even more stress.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Did Something You Enjoy

If you’re dealing with overload, chances are you’re missing out on the fun stuff—or even just the small things you enjoy. 

When you find yourself canceling dinner with friends, postponing dates with your partner, or missing a movie or concert you were really looking forward to seeing, it’s time to hire a personal assistant for your well-being.

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You Keep Adding On To Your To-Do List

We all have to-do lists, and it feels great to cross tasks off and see them shrink before our eyes. if you add more items to these lists than you complete, you’ll lose that feeling of satisfaction and begin feeling more overwhelmed than productive. 

One solution is to hire a personal assistant who can manage these tasks and help you make some real progress.

You’re Always Running Late

It’s easy to run late when your written schedule is unorganized, jam-packed, or simply non-existent. Consistently rushing from one obligation to another, especially when they’re important events like your child’s soccer game or a friend’s birthday dinner, can be a quick road to feeling terrible. 

A personal assistant can help organize your calendar, avoid scheduling overlap, and ensure that you have enough leeway and preparation to make these events on time.

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You Wish The Day Was Longer

It’s a common thought: I wish there were more hours in the day. Feeling this way frequently can be a sure sign that you could benefit from hiring a personal assistant. If that were a reality, what could you do with that extra time? 

A personal assistant can give you more of your time back. Spend it with friends and family, indulge in a little self-care, or focus on your hobbies and personal long-term goals.

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Have you come to the conclusion that a personal assistant can help improve your life? Pepper’s Personal Assistants is here for you. Our personal assistants offer long-term, recurring household support in the Puget Sound Area. Interested? Contact us today.

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