Absentee Home Services to Make Your Home Feel Welcoming

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If you travel often for business or leisure, you’re probably pretty familiar with the feeling of coming back after a long trip, setting down your bags and finally relaxing in your own home. 

You can just kick back, enjoy a meal, cuddle with your pet and then crawl into your soft bed.

Except … that’s probably not how it goes. 

The house is cold because the heat’s been off. The fridge is either empty or full of expired food that you forgot to toss before your trip. Your houseplants are parched, your garden is dry, and your things are strewn everywhere from your hasty departure. 

You’d love to rest, but you have to unpack your suitcase, do laundry, walk the dog and make dinner.

Unless, of course, you’ve hired us.

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Pepper’s Personal Assistants for Absentee Home Services

Two of our specialties are taking care of homes while the occupants are away and preparing the spaces for their return. We can do pretty much anything you want to get your house ready for you. Still, here’s a sampling of services we recommend for absentee home care and arrival preparation.


A worst-case scenario is coming home to an empty fridge — or worse, a fridge full of expired food. We’ll stock your refrigerator with fresh produce, juice, milk and other perishables and clear out the old stuff. 

Additionally, our assistants can make sure a healthy, homemade meal is in the crockpot or ready for you to heat up right out of the fridge. You’ll have no need to cook right away or stop to grab takeout!

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Home Improvement

Have a home project you can’t seem to pull the trigger on? What better time to arrange it then when you’re out of the house! Our assistants can meet with and stick around for home-visiting vendors to arrange things like carpet cleanings, car wash or repair, gutter cleanings, and more!


From arranging fresh flowers on the table to making sure your cactus or Monstera thrives, Pepper’s personal assistants have somewhat of a green thumb. We’d love to help out with your plants and/or garden!

General Tidiness

Come home to a clean and cozy bedroom with fresh linens and nicely folded towels. Your home will rival the hotel you just left! We can also sweep and clean floors and surfaces to ensure you return to a spotless house after your time away.

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Don’t worry about an overflowing mailbox, packages piled at the door or home-related appointments needing rescheduling. Pepper’s personal assistants will collect and sort your mail and packages, as well as meet with any gardeners, maintenance people, painters or other home service providers who work while you’re out of town.

Completely Customizable Help

Our absentee home services are all about making you feel confident that we’re caring for your home while you’re away and that everything is ready when you return. We’re happy to tailor our services according to your trip length, home type, occupants and more. 

Just let us know!

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