How Hiring a Personal Assistant Can Empower You to Strengthen Household Relationships


If you feel like there are never enough hours in a day, it can be difficult enough to tackle your entire to-do list — let alone find uninterrupted time to spend with loved ones. Though we’d all love to achieve the perfect work-life balance, it’s not always possible, and this can put unnecessary strain on our relationships. Even when your career or household duties reach capacity, there’s no need to compromise your valued personal connections. No matter your living situation, here’s how hiring a personal assistant can give you back precious quality time, relieve loads of stress, and ultimately empower you to strengthen your most treasured relationships.

How a Personal Assistant Can Help Married or Live-In Couples

Are you dreaming of less arguing over household task delegation and more time to devote to date nights? When was the last time you and your partner enjoyed some quality time with one another after work? Between family, friends, career, pets, home life, and keeping the romance alive, power couples have a lot on their shared and individual plates. Your trusted personal assistant can take over any number of chores each week, allowing you and your significant other to get out of the house or enjoy a relaxed night in. Got a task both you and your partner have been avoiding, such as organizing the pantry? Allow your personal assistant to take care of it and create more space in your life (both literally and figuratively).

How a Personal Assistant Can Help Families

Your personal assistant can cover to-do list items you’re not able to tackle during the day, freeing you up to spend time taking the kids to the movies, enjoying some time at the park, or having a family game night. While you’re at work, we can grocery shop, prep family meals, cut up healthy fruit and veggies for after-school snacking, and stock workspaces for homework time. No time to cook in the evenings? We’ll set up your crockpot with all the ingredients for your favorite dinner, ready to go once you walk in the door. 

How a Personal Assistant Can Help Other Households

More: Perhaps you live in a full household of busy young professionals and are searching for a solution to chores that tend to go unfinished. Or maybe you and your family have opened your home to an elderly parent. Regardless, we’ll help your home run smoothly by doing dishes, prepping meals, running errands (prescription pickup, grocery shopping, mailing packages, and more), folding clothes, and scheduling appointments. Wherever you need someone to pick up the slack, your personal assistant is there to help.

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Featured photo courtesy of Richard Foster