Annual Tasks: Five Things to Mark Off Your List this March

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Some tasks only need to be done once or twice a year. In this new world of work-life balance from home, we forget to do them because work became life. 

Below are our top five things to mark off your list this March to get the work done to only experience life.

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1: Pull Everything off the Shelf

We put things on the shelf at work because they are good ideas but not the right time to execute. In contrast, we place items up on the shelf at home to celebrate them as done, accomplished, complete, or simply forget about them. March is a great time to clear everything from your home shelves, dust, and sort through to decide what stays and what goes.

2: Un-Box it

Life is one Amazon box after the other. Combined, all of these boxes fill our recycle bin to capacity. What do you do? Do you pay for the extra bin, or do you stack the cardboard in your garage until the next dump run? No! Donate it.

Give Back Box provides vendor services to retailers and charities, giving each cardboard box a second life to help people in need. Receive a box, unpack it, then fill it with the unwanted household items down from the shelf: clothing, shoes, etc., and make a significant difference in the life of another person.

3: Flip your mattress 

In the world of foam mattresses, the question is to flip or not to flip, and our advice is to consult the manufacturer when in doubt. Most foam mattresses on the market today: Casper, Purple, Lucid, are not made for flipping; however, you can rotate them, remove the zippered cover, wash it and return it for fresher night sleep. 

4: Wash and sort all linens

While washing the mattress cover and pulling things down from the shelf, now is also an excellent time to wash all your linens, and we mean all, even the ones at the very back or bottom of the closet or shelf. 

5: Get Help

March can be a lot of work…Why not let us take care of it?

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