This Mother’s Day, Give Mom the Gift of Free Time

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Being a mom is a full-time job in itself. When you tack on a career and a million personal responsibilities, moms have sure got a lot on their plates. Why not help the mother figure in your life lighten that load a bit? When you’re brainstorming the perfect Mother’s Day gift for this year, think outside flowers or dinner! Consider treating mom to her very own personal assistant and give her the greatest gift of all: more free time.

Gift a Personal Assistant Package

A personal assistant package is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Mom can pick and choose the days she could use an extra pair of hands, select the amount of PA hours she needs, and allocate tasks accordingly. The result? She can come home to a completed to-do list and use that leftover time to unwind or treat herself to her favorite activities. Even better than breakfast in bed or a trip to the day spa? The spare time to indulge in such things without the prospect of unfinished business looming over relaxation time.

Her Personal Assistant Can Handle the Busy Work

Monotonous daily tasks — from paying bills and scheduling appointments to grocery shopping or picking up dry cleaning — can eat into mom’s personal time and even her lunch hour at work. Treating her to a personal assistant package allows her to prioritize herself and quality family time in place of time-consuming chores. A personal assistant can transform a dreaded week full of stressful obligations into one where the sky’s the limit.

When valuable time is on the line, a recurring subscription is a worthwhile investment. Plus, the rest of the family gets to see more of mom!

Show Mom You Care; Help Her Take Back Treasured Free Time

Many working moms rise and shine early to get a head start on each busy day. Sometimes, overtime at the office plus after-work errands can mean there aren’t enough hours in a day. With the help of a personal assistant on particularly busy days, mom can focus on her job, enjoy herself, and treasure time with her loved ones.

With a little luck, that extra time will liberate mom to do something special for herself — whether she prefers to get a pedicure, sign up for a yoga class, work on personal projects, meet up with friends, or simply take a solo breather on the couch. However she chooses to spend it, a Mother’s Day gift of free time provides a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of motherhood.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!