Moving? Here’s How a Personal Household Assistant Can Smooth the Transition

Boxes packed by a household personal assistant.

Whether you’re relocating across the country, internationally, or to a new neighborhood, moving can be a hassle. No matter how far your move, hiring a personal household assistant for moving is guaranteed to take a huge load off your to-do list as you make Seattle your new home.

Assistants aren’t only there to take care of administrative technicalities such as updating your mailing address, voter registration and much more. A personal household assistant can pick up the slack in many significant ways before, during, and after the move. This will give you time to focus on your career and personal life.

Here are some ways a personal household assistant can help ease the stress of moving:


So you’ve decided to make the move to Seattle—but you’re currently living several states away. In most cases, it’s not realistic to constantly travel between locations as you search for the perfect pad. This is where a Seattle-based PA can step in as a local liaison.

Browse apartments online and whittle down your list of top picks. Then, your household assistant can coordinate in-person viewings at each location and can even stand in for you at any appointments you can’t attend.

Perhaps you’d like to Skype or FaceTime to see each spot in real-time through your PA’s eyes? Or maybe you’d prefer a text or email with detailed photographs and notes? Your superstar sidekick is ready to help according to your needs.


Your PA can track down the storage facilities closest to your new neighborhood and reserve a space at your preferred location. When moving time approaches, your spot will be ready for you to store boxes, furniture, recreational equipment, and more. Your assistant is there to help you in any way you see fit. Whether it’s coordination or lending a helping hand as you shuffle between home and storage, we’re here.


Those stacks of marker-labeled cardboard boxes always seem to linger long after moving day. Both on and after moving day, your PA can help you unload and recycle boxes. This is especially handy once you return to work, as an extra pair of hands can ensure no time goes wasted. The sooner those boxes are out of sight, the sooner your new place can start to feel like home.


Once you begin to get settled, you’re likely either preparing to return to or start work, are busy job-hunting, or are bogged down with a million other post-move tasks. Though hunting for the best deal on a couch may not be at the top of your to-do list, it’s still a huge priority—especially if the only available living room seating is on the floor!

We can make furniture store runs, start arranging your decor according to your personal style, and run any necessary errands (after all, that empty refrigerator will need stocking!). While you’re at work, we can also be onsite during the 4-hour service and delivery window given by many furniture and internet providers.

With enough time invested daily, we can have your place spick and span by the end of your first week.

Local Intel

If you’re new to the area, allow us to make a few recommendations! Many of our professional personal household assistants are longtime Seattle-area residents. They are happy to share their intel on favorite local attractions, restaurants, markets, outdoor activities. We can even give recommendations on the more technical stuff such as doctor offices, schools, auto service shops—you name it. With a Pepper’s personal assistant by your side, you’ll be a tried-and-true Seattleite in no time.

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