Refresh Your Colors: How Colors Can Impact Mood and Represent Identity

pride flag waving against blue sky with white clouds

Now that summer is right around the corner, you may feel the urge to open the windows, tackle some organization projects that may have fallen by the wayside, and refresh your everyday environment. One way to liven up your surroundings and give your home an easy makeover is to choose a new color scheme for your home. 

Whether you go all in and paint your rooms some new shades, or if you’re thinking of simply switching up the tones of your curtains, furniture, or art, the colors you choose are important. Not only do certain colors represent our identities, but the colors we surround ourselves with can also affect our moods and feelings. 

June is also Pride month, so celebrating LGBTQIA+ individuals by decorating your home with Pride flags and other colors that represent your identity or allyship is a great way to show your support.

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Color Psychology

So what is color psychology anyway? Color psychology is the belief that certain colors can influence human feelings and emotions. This way of thinking is one reason we associate the color blue with sadness, or red with love, and is a helpful tool for marketing design professionals.

When refreshing your colors around your home, consider how each type of color can elicit certain moods. 


Red is a bold color that represents strong emotions. This warm hue is associated with love, passion, and power, and can raise the energy levels in your room. A red room can also create a very cozy environment.


Adding orange curtains or painting a room in your home this citrus shade can instantly brighten your mood. Bursting with vitality and encouraging activity, orange is a great color to paint and office or home gym.


Yellow is considered the color of happiness, most likely because we associate it with bright, sunny days. Yellow is a perfect color for a child’s playroom or a dining room to encourage many playful, joyous moments of togetherness.


If you’re looking for a calm, soothing paint color, green should be your go-to. Green inspires a cool, zen-like environment, and can alleviate stress, so it is a perfect shade for bedrooms.


Blue is also a very calm and relaxed shade to incorporate in your environment. This color can decrease anxiety, and this cool shade even has the ability to lower heart rate and blood pressure.


Purple is a sophisticated color, often associated with royalty and class. Color your bedroom or living area a purple shade to encourage relaxation and contentment.

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Pride Flags

In addition to influencing our emotions, the colors we choose to decorate our home with can also represent our beliefs, values, and identities. For example, the numerous pride flags that exist create their own rainbow of colors—each standing for one element of orientation. Using these colors or even decorating with these flags can show your connection with or support for a wide range of identities. Here are just a few:

Traditional Pride Flag

The most familiar flag is the traditional gay pride flag popularized in 1979 in San Francisco. 

The colors of the traditional pride flag and what they are known to stand for are as follows: 

  • Red stands for life
  • Orange stands for healing
  • Yellow stands for sunlight
  • Green stands for nature
  • Indigo stands for serenity
  • Violet stands for spirit

Transgender Pride Flag

Monica Helms designed the transgender pride flag in 1999, and it was first flown publicly at a Phoenix, Arizona pride parade the following year. The top and bottom of the flag is light blue, the next stripes inward are pink, and the middle stripe is white. This represents the social norm of light blue for boys, pink for girls, and the white represents those transitioning either way, or who are nonbinary.

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However you decide to refresh your colors in your home this summer, remember that colors hold significance. Choose the hues that will make you feel the best, and support the causes and the people you care about.
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