Six Virtual Assistant Tools To Help Keep You and Your Family Organized in 2021

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Organizing calendar events, grocery lists, class schedules and work to-dos can be overwhelming. Luckily in 2021, we have some helpful technology to keep on top of it. The following are some of our favorite virtual assistant tools to help keep you and your family organized in the new year.

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi is pretty much the ultimate virtual assistant tool for family organization. This app works as a shared calendar letting you keep your appointments, activities, school events, and more all in one place. You’ll find it simple to share not only your family members’ schedules, but things like grocery lists and meal prep plans to keep everyone on the same page.

Our Family Wizard

This co-parenting app is a blessing for parents who need a streamlined and easy way to communicate with each other in regards to their kids. Input your schedule, expenses, reimbursement requests to share between parties and document all communication. Our Family Wizard helps avoid conflict and smooth out bumps in the co-parenting road so you can focus on what really matters — your children.

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If you have a big family, you know what a tremendous help it is when everyone pitches in around the house. However, assigning chores and managing allowances can be a frustrating part of household management. BusyKid is a virtual assistant tool that helps families simplify the process. You can create a list of weekly chores that kids can check off once completed. BusyKid is also a great beginner saving and budgeting tool. Parents can assign an allowance and can deposit it directly into their child’s bank account or put onto a gift card.


There’s nothing quite like crossing everything off of your to-do list. Evernote is a popular list-making and note-taking app that lets you easily share and organize content and reminders with your friends and family. People love Evernote for its visual and audio aspect. They make it simple to add images and record and share audio notes.

Apple Reminders

Sometimes all you need is a simple reminder. Luckily there’s a high chance you already have this built-in virtual assistant tool at your fingertips. Apple Reminders is a task management tool that is developed for Apple Inc.’s iOS, macOS, and watchOS products. You can even share your reminders with family members. Create reminders and set notifications to help “future you” stay organized.

Simple Habit

After running through to-do lists, working from home, helping your kids with virtual learning, assigning chores and setting reminders, we could all use a helpful nudge to relax and breathe. Simple Habit is the answer. This app provides quick and helpful on-the-go guided meditations. Just choose your situation (from waiting in line to trying to fall asleep) and quiet your mind.

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Contact Pepper’s Personal Assistants

In conclusion, even with the help of virtual assistant tools at the tip of our fingers, you’re only one person. Reaching out for help is never something to be ashamed of. Pepper’s Personal Assistants is ready to support you with service packages starting at 5 hours a week. From grocery shopping and meal prep to appointment scheduling and bill pay — we can help you handle it and stay on top of 2021. Contact us today to get started!

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Stress-Free Travel

“One of the massive benefits of having a PA is during travel disruptions. When flights are delayed, the kids are upset, and you’re stuck in customs, coming home to a stocked fridge and a prepared meal eliminates the need for a late-night milk run. You don’t realize the stress these tasks add until you have someone to handle them for you.”


Deep Gratitude!

“The first week with Vincent has gone exceptionally well! I have no questions or concerns, only deep, deep gratitude for the difference he has already made.”



“My PA is incredible—an 11 out of 10—really thoughtful, thorough, intuitive. She is professional but friendly; she has just been great. A couple of times because of things going on with her calendar, Kandis has been flexible—coming 15 minutes later to drop the dog off at puppy play. She has been really great.”


Thoughtful and Detail-Oriented

“My PA is a thoughtful and discerning assistant. She pays attention to details in our home and makes great suggestions for how to improve and optimize our lives. We trust her judgment, and she communicates proactively and frequently. She is always on-site on time and patient with my unpredictable schedule. We communicate frequently, but she’s also very efficient in how we communicate. Great work!”


Super Happy!

“[I] really do think Kandis is setting the bar! Having a new person come into your house can go either way. [I’m] very grateful for the time and energy and people that Pepper’s has. It’s a big step; no suggestions around onboarding. [I’m] really happy that we were able to board Kandis quickly; super happy for the West Seattle support.”


Organizing Superhero

“My PA is really good at organizing; it’s one of her superpowers. Some of the simple reorganizing things that she has done have made a big impact. She organized all the cat stuff in the garage and took the initiative on her own. She’s bright and cheery—no moaning, whining. Very great.”


One of the Best Decisions I’ve Made

“I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much I have appreciated working with all of the Pepper’s staff. My assistant is so generous and thoughtful — she brings value to every interaction. I can’t remember a time when I’ve hired anyone with such a professional and high standard of customer service. Working with you all has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in a very long time!”


10/10 for Sure!

“Missa is a 10/10 for sure! She has been wonderful, and we check in regularly. I’m comfortable communicating with her about questions or requests, and she’s always been very responsive and also seems comfortable checking in if she has any questions for me. [The] biggest help remains pet care and household chores support, plus the help with one-off projects that come up. Missa has all kinds of skills she brings, (e.g., she’s currently putting together a ‘cat highway’ for the living room rafters).”


My Quality of Life Has Improved

“I used to spend every weekend and every evening doing chores and running errands. Now, I’m able to spend the time that I need to on my business, and then I get to enjoy my home and my life and the precious unstructured time that I have. The truth is, my quality of life has improved by having a Pepper’s household assistant here.”


Takes Initiative

“I want to mention what a fantastic personal assistant Billie is to me. We were on vacation last week, and she managed my household and vendors flawlessly. I even had her redecorate my office, and I gave her very little direction other than just to make it nice and functional, and, my goodness, did she ever! She takes initiative in my house in so many other ways but does not overstep or overspend. To strike that balance is really something unique and special. I feel really lucky to have her.”


I’m Blown Away

“[I’m] blown away by how much better the house looks already :)”


Kind, Caring, and Proactive

“My PA is a very caring person. I was incredibly ill last year, and my PA connected the dots that the washing machine had a lot of mold and thought the black specs on my clothes were from that. On her own time, my PA sent me an article about the impact of mold/washing machines. It was so kind of her.”


Goes Above and Beyond

“My PA has gone above and beyond. She’s organized my laundry room while keeping on top of laundry, which made it much easier to stay on top of stuff. She’s always ready to jump in and tackle items. It made this holiday season way less stressful.”