Imagine Your Home Running Smoothly and Efficiently

Let us get you organized and take care of your to-do lists. Most clients feel instant relief the day they hire us. Some say we even help marriages — you’ll never have to discuss who’s responsible for scooping the cat litter, folding and putting away the laundry, or reorganizing the pantry again!

Core Values

After eight successful years in the business, we have earned our 5-star rating by staying true to our core values: ease, ownership, and integrity. Our goal is to know what you need before you do, clearing your headspace and bringing you peace of mind.

We Build Strong and Loyal Connections by:

  • Working directly with you to learn your exact needs
  • Matching a personal assistant with you that is a great fit
  • Continuously checking in and refining our processes to make sure we are exceeding your expectations

Our Network of Qualified Assistants

We attract Seattle’s best talent with diverse backgrounds and a can-do attitude. Our hiring process includes at least two rounds of video interviews with both our recruiter and HR manager, reference checks and a background investigation. This alone saves clients an average of 15+ hours.

We’ve interviewed hundreds and have learned what makes a successful personal assistant. All of our employees are provided with the proper training, coaching, and ongoing support to ensure their success and your satisfaction.

Easy, Efficient Communication

We’ve figured out the tools to help set you and your personal assistant up for long-term success: 

  • We use Slack as the main communication tool between personal assistants and clients. It’s a robust messaging service that gets you out from under the piles of email. Our clients love that they have a streamlined way to communicate with their personal assistant. It only takes 15 to 30 minutes to set up and learn.
  • We’ll work with you to find the best to-do list tool for your needs so that your personal assistant can take ownership (and you can add things as you think of them). Prefer pen and paper lists? Just leave it for us and we will take care of the rest!

No Complicated Employee Paperwork

One of the biggest benefits. We take care of our employees’ paperwork, taxes, benefits, raises, and new labor laws so you don’t have to. Our packages are all-inclusive – no additional fees or sales tax to consider!

Your Privacy Is Our Priority

Nondisclosure Agreements (NDAs) are signed by all staff members, because gaining — and keeping — your trust is a priority. We have a strict policy where privacy is concerned, and our employees know not to discuss their clients with anyone.

Ready for That Peace of Mind?

It’s time to do more of what you love with a personal assistant to support you at home. Pepper’s is currently accepting a limited number of clients. Are you one of them?