5 Ways Moms Can Treat Themselves (While Supporting Local Businesses)- Food Edition

Happy family in the kitchen.

These months of quarantine have been different in more ways than one. Staying home has required us to dine at home a little more than usual and let’s not even talk about all the dishes that pile up from all of these meals! That’s why we want to talk about how you can treat yourself or the mothers in your life as we continue to celebrate A Month for Moms.

This week we are giving you 5 ways to treat yourself that support local small businesses. These tips will not only make your week easier and more simplified, but they’re also a way to add a bit of fun!

  • Whether your eating style is keto, vegan, Mediterranean, etc. or whether you prefer delicious international cuisine such as Indian or Thai food, Performance Kitchen (formerly Eat Local) is the place for you. These meals are nutritiously prepared for you so that you don’t have to do the planning, shopping, and cooking. The meals are crafted locally in the Seattle area and can be picked up at locations around town or delivered to your door. To make this even better, you get 5% off your meals when you use the code PepperPersonal5. Although we are an affiliate, we love this product and we are confident you will love the convenience and taste of these meals!
  • Make dinner night extra fun with a family cooking class! Many companies are offering cooking classes via zoom right now, including our favorite: The Table Less Traveled. We mentioned this in our Mother’s Day gift ideas and we can’t get enough of it. You can experience Interactive cooking classes from chefs around the globe — in the comfort of your own kitchen! Make Eggplant Parmesan from a Tuscan chef, or Ravioli from gourmet chefs located in Capri, or maybe even Peruvian chicken stew straight from Peru. Is your mouth watering yet? These cooking classes are perfect for all ages and taste buds alike!
  • Perhaps what you really need after all of this time at home is a nice glass of local Washington wine, a sparkling prosecco, a cold local brew, or to get fancy with a special handmade cocktail kit. This Seattle Alcohol Delivery & Pick Up guide will help you choose which libation you could be drinking on your couch tonight. Now the hardest part: making the decision on what to order!
  • The Bean Box is a tour of the world’s best artisan coffees, delivered fresh to your doorstep, so start your day off right, or the middle of the day, or if you’re extra adventurous, maybe even start your dessert affogato style; whatever way you prefer,  we’re not here to judge! The Bean Box is a nice gift idea that includes equal parts thoughtfulness and practicality. They even offer a special promotional rate made especially for all of us hunkered down at home.
  • Picture this. The kids are in bed, you’re at home in your comfy clothes and all of a sudden you think of a warm chocolate chip cookie… one that you’re able to eat without the kids asking for a bite, and then you remember this post and you grab your phone and quickly order a cookie or three from Midnight Cookie Company. Perhaps you should get a side of ice cream to go with it, after all, it is your month and we are celebrating.

We hope you enjoy these tips as much as we enjoyed doing the research for them. We are so fortunate to have such fun, delicious, and local treats in our backyard that keep us fed and entertained even while quarantined!