The Most Stressful Life Events and How a Personal Assistant Can Help

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As a business owner and mother of two, I’ve experienced my fair share of stressful events. Acknowledging this stress – as well as the lack of resources available to truly help manage it – led me to start Pepper’s Personal Assistants eight years ago.

When a major life event occurs, people often provide a singular idea to help. “Hire a cleaning person,” they say, or, “order your groceries online.” These are valid ideas, but often don’t provide the type of solution that brings real relief. Stressful times call for a resource who can find and manage the housecleaner, as well as other home maintenance providers (e.g., gardener, handyman). They also call for someone who can go the extra mile – not just buying the groceries but also prepping meals and cleaning up. Our team of personal assistants manages these tasks for clients every day.

Here’s a list of the most stressful events where we’ve come in to assist clients. Are you or those in your network experiencing any of these? The right level of support can make a difference – here’s how:

  • Moving – We all know this is a difficult process, regardless of the distance between your old and new homes. It’s especially tough if the new home is in an area where you don’t have a network of family and friends. We help clients by screening moving companies; managing day-of-move; and organizing the sale and donation of unneeded items. Our assistants also assist clients who are purchasing or selling vacation homes.
  • Family Changes – Marriage, a new baby, divorce, and death all usher in major changes in the home that require adjustment and resources. Two additional changes in 2020 have increased the burden on parents: Having the entire family at home all day as we work/learn remotely during the pandemic, and making space for adult children who return to the nest. According to Pew Research, the majority of young adults – 52 percent – now live with their parents, an increase of 5 points this year. Our assistants organize workspaces; source desks and other furniture; and handle extra meal prep and chores for these full households. 
  • Injury and Illness – Recovering from a health issue can be easier with the right help. Our assistants prepare healthy meals, run errands, and can arrange the home so it’s easier to manage. The team follows strict Covid-19 protocols for safety and cleanliness.
  • New Career – Landing a new job is an exciting change, but it often means devoting more time to work in the first few months so you can get acclimated and make an impact. Having a personal assistant handle daily household tasks means you can focus on your career without distractions. It also means that your free time is just that: You can spend it on hobbies, with loved ones, or whatever else you’d like, instead of tracking a long to-do list of chores.
  • Travel – It’s easy to worry about your home while you’re away, and think about all the things that need attention. Your personal assistant can line up and supervise contractors for a variety of projects (e.g., painters, repairmen), as well as tidy your home and have a meal ready for when you return. Recently, we helped a client by sending items they forgot to pack via overnight delivery and clearing the rain and debris that blocked their outdoor security cameras. 
  • Holiday Season – Assistants can handle gift shopping, mailing, and decorating tasks. We recently helped a client with holiday cards – from buying outfits for each family member to selecting the photographer, scheduling the shoot, and ordering the cards. All they had to do was show up for the picture!

Pepper’s Personal Assistants is on standby to help you out and relieve stress in your life. Book your consult call today to find out how we can help you in this busy season.