5 Ways to Make Your Life More Efficient


We all want to make the most of every day. By taking a few steps to optimize your personal efficiency, it is possible to achieve everything you aspire to do — from your career to your home life and beyond. Here are five ways to make your life more efficient.

Organization Makes Everything Easier

Whether you’re sifting through your closet for your running shoes or searching for an important file on your work computer, careful organization can save you a lot of time. Sure, conscious organization involves a slightly longer time commitment to ensure your things are stored back in their rightful homes after each use. However, in the grand scheme of things, organizing your physical and digital spaces will improve your efficiency when you know exactly where to look for your belongings in the first place.

Create and Stick to a Schedule

When you have a plan for how to efficiently tackle your to-do list, you’ll naturally start to get more done by the end of each day. From carefully scheduling your workday to improve your overall productivity to planning the timing and route of your personal errands, a bit of foresight can save you time and frustration.

Hire a Personal Assistant

Time is precious, but the busier you are, the less of that precious time there is to come by. Don’t waste yours on hold with your utilities companies for an hour or going out of your way to pick up dry cleaning. Hiring a personal assistant is the easiest way to remove menial yet time-consuming tasks from your to-do list. You can apply the same principle at work: delegate. Enlist an extra pair of helping hands to handle personal tasks so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Put an End to Procrastination

When you delay starting or finishing a project, all you do is create stress and uncertainty. One of the easiest ways to improve your efficiency is to avoid putting off projects and tasks until a later date or time. Even taking the first small steps of a large project can be critical to its overall success. Creating a list of short- and long-term goals can help you schedule and prioritize  projects and tasks you intend to complete.

Take Time to Rest and Recharge

No one can be “on” all day, every day. In addition to time for adequate sleep each night, everyone needs a few moments each day and several hours a week to rest and engage in activities they enjoy. Whatever that looks like for you, whether it’s taking your dog for a run or binging a favorite television show, make sure to prioritize some time for yourself as you’re planning your week.