Case Study: How One Mom Got Back Her Time

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Even the most put-together, successful person can always use a little help. At Pepper’s Personal Assistants we believe in finding the perfect assistant for your specific needs, one that will help make your life easier. We also believe in communication—learning from feedback and sharing our success stories. 

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Read on to discover how a personal assistant (PA) from Pepper’s helped one professional woman reduce her mental load and focus on what’s important: being present with her family.

Client’s Challenges 

Our client, similar to a lot of us, was used to taking everything on herself. 

Part of a professional family with one parent traveling a lot for work, she was in charge of managing their multiple households, parenting the children (all attending different schools), being involved in her community, and battling an ever-growing to-do-list. Our client was overwhelmed and exhausted, and constantly spent her time on tasks that prevented her from being present, relaxed, and confident as a woman and mother. 

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While adding extra hours to the day wasn’t an option, Pepper’s was.

Pepper’s Process

At Pepper’s Personal Assistants, we believe that support isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. We know firsthand what it feels like to try to do it all, and worse yet, fall short of your expectations. 

As experts in home management, we were able to help this client get countless hours back in her day by taking care of the unexpected and managing the everyday tasks that pile up. Our client’s personal assistant continues to be thoughtful, dedicated, cheerful, and always one-step ahead of the family’s needs. 

“We are grateful to have found Peppers and our personal assistant…things are better in our family and home because of you all.”

Expecting the Unexpected

Beyond being there for everyday support, our client’s PA has jumped right in to support her through performing the following duties:

  • Managed a backyard remodel project
  • Helped the client set up their second home 
  • Planned themed parties for the kids and helped out onsite
  • Assisted in helping to plan trips for for unexpected family events
  • Put together gift bags for an event the client was hosting

Being Reliable for the Everyday

Not only is our client’s assistant ready to jump in during unexpected projects and events, but maybe most importantly she can reliably take care of everyday recurring tasks. Our client is confident that nothing is falling through the cracks.

This PA handles the following duties for her client:

  • Pays bills
  • Handles cleaning schedule and tidying of client’s homes
  • Gathers and sorts items for recycling and donations
  • Organizes kitchen/laundry room/storage rooms
  • Makes home purchases
  • Does laundry
  • Manages family calendar and scheduling duties
  • Cares for dogs with walks and grooming
  • Establishes monthly home vendors
  • Takes part in holiday prep, including cards, decorating, gift purchasing, and wrapping.

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A Pepper’s Success Story

Because of Pepper’s Personal Assistants, this client was able to reduce her mental load and finally get ahead of her tasks. She’s no longer torn between what she has to do and what she wants to do—thanks to her PA, she has the time. 

“With our personal assistant on our team,our lives are more manageable and less stressful, and thus we have time to better prepare for our challenges and joyfully celebrate our victories. She contributes daily to the success of our family! We wanted you and everyone at Peppers to share in our appreciation of our personal assistant.”

Our client and her assistant are partners in managing her household, making life easier and less complicated, and allowing the family to focus on the more important things.

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Pepper’s Personal Assistants was able to give this client the ultimate gift: peace of mind and freedom that comes from having the help you need, when you need it the most. 

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