Virtual Activities to Keep your Kids Busy During the Stay-at-Home Order

a mother and daughter reading a book

As we wrap up the month of May, or as we like to call it “Month of Moms,” and we head into sunnier days, there are sure to bring up phrases like “I’m bored!” So we have put together this list of things to keep the kids busy while staying at home to hopefully provide you a chance to sit and clear your mind for a minute.

There are so many enjoyable activities to help keep kids occupied – and you don’t even have to leave home to do it. Many of these ideas are virtual, and some may require a walk or a fun adventure, but whatever it is, it will be sure not to disappoint.

Kong Academy 

A fantastic idea to start with is Kong Academy. Kong is providing resources to create a Sidewalk Adventure with Sensory Integration Sidewalks. A sensory integration sidewalk (SIS) is a path that is designed to give interactive prompts for the participants to receive, organize, and use the information to play and move in a structured way. It is also a fun way to teach a variety of subjects such as science, literacy, and mathematics! You can download the guide to learn more about the Sidewalk Adventure. Make sure to take photos and share them with your friends. Kong is also hosting Virtual Summer Camps for kids of all ages, as well as Private Virtual Instruction, that provides a unique approach to helping people of all ages grow physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Little Hands Creations Sewing Class 

You can also keep the little hands busy by enrolling your child in a Little Hands Creations Sewing Class. Think of all the fun your child will have when they learn how to do sewing activities such as Finger Knitting, Loom Knitting, or Machine Sewing. Little Hands Creations also offers private lessons to teach children how to sew by hand or machine, quilting, and more. Perhaps you want to take part in DIY crafts as well; you can shop for DIY instructions and projects. Imagine all the holiday gifts you can have done before the end of Summer! 

FrogLegs Cooking School 

Host a party for your kids while they learn how to bake/cook fun recipes. You can book a virtual party or class for your kids at a FrogLegs Cooking School, where they will learn how to make fun cupcakes such as unicorns and Harry Potter. Let the kids make dinner with the Proper Pasta Class (feeds FOUR!) or a Deluxe Party Kit, which includes recipes for both dinner and dessert. You can choose to pick up your ingredients or have kits made per party goer. Perhaps you just want a fun change of pace and would like to order food to-go, FrogLegs also offers meals-to-go and meal kits that your whole family will love.

Moon Paper Tent 

Moonpaper Tent is a fun, creative, and magical experience for kids of all ages. Hosting a variety of experiences that spark the imaginative process & cultivate personal creativity, Moonpaper Tent offers workshops and classes that teach subjects in creative drama, art and craft-work, storytelling, and magical realism. Currently, they are renting magical party trunks that include curated dress-up for your family (adults included), a craft activity, a treasure box to hide, fresh ideas and games, and a zoom call! This should keep your kids entertained for a few hours. You can also send personalized happy and magical mail to your kids along with some fun trinkets from the Fairy Store, or you can order custom treasures, such as a crown or party favors! Whatever you choose to do, it will surely put a smile on your kids’ faces! 


Has your child said they want to learn about something new lately, or maybe you want to encourage them to discover a new hobby? Outschool has over 15,000+ classes on a variety of topics led by qualified teachers. Learn from home for as low as $5/class, and the options are endless. Your kids can learn anything from drawing, dancing to yoga, hobby farms, and specialties like special effects makeup and forensic science. 


We are sure your kids will love these activities. While we aren’t sure it will keep your kids quiet long enough for you to finish your cup of hot coffee, we do think that they will thank you for investing in their education and extracurricular activities. All the meanwhile, more than anything, we hope you can get a little break.