15-Minute Habits That Add Balance to Your Busy Day


With all the apps, automated services, and other high-tech tools, we demand more and more of ourselves. Life can end up feeling overwhelming. We’re left seeking a nirvana that seems just out of reach. With some conscious effort and perhaps a little bit of help on the side, we can achieve a critical ingredient: balance. Habits to add balance to your day are important.

Striking a successful balance between excelling at your daily tasks and maintaining your peace of mind can be difficult. It requires introducing some key activities while subtracting others until we find an ideal (and realistic) mix. Start with these quick habits and straightforward lifestyle upgrades to find the balance in your busy days.

Incorporate Light Activity

Walking and stretching are two physical activities that will make you feel calmer and more creative. If you’re working hard on a project and you sense a good stopping point, use this opportunity to get up and clear your mind. You could take a leisurely walk to a nearby park or simply stand up from your workspace and do a few stretches to get your blood flowing. You may find that when you come back to your project, answers come more easily now that your body and mind are refreshed!

Try Aromatherapy

Why not take your senses on a mini vacation? Aromatherapy is an easy way to relieve stress. Pick out a few essential oils and try adding a drop or two to your bathwater for relaxation, mixing a couple drops into a spray bottle filled with water for a quick scent refresher, or using a diffuser to release the scent into a room. Scents such as peppermint or citrus can stimulate the senses, while oils such as lavender or ylang ylang can calm and soothe.

Consider Connecting with Someone Special

It’s all too easy to find ourselves in a rut and forget to reach out to family, friends, and people we enjoy spending time with. When you take a short break during the day, send a simple text to an old friend, post a fun memory on a family member’s social media page, or invite someone you’ve recently met for coffee or tea. Short daily breaks are ideal for reconnecting, because if we wait until we get home, other priorities and distractions can take over.

Read…and Get Outside

Here’s a way to multitask that won’t drive you mad with stress. Grab a book, your favorite magazine, or the daily paper and get some sunshine while you flip through the pages. Head to your nearby park for a healthy dose of vitamin D and a good reading session.

Contact Pepper’s Personal Assistants

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