How to Decide Which Personal Tasks to Outsource

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Through the years as personal assistants, we’ve learned a thing or two about the types of tasks clients tend to need help with most often. Ultimately, no matter the task, what matters most is that it’s saving the client time. When you can outsource personal tasks it can make all the difference.

Of course, as you decide which personal responsibilities to outsource to your personal assistant, you’ll want to formulate a strategy.

Many of the tips businesses use to determine their outsourcing strategies can also be applied in the personal realm. Just as a business might allocate specific duties to contractors, suppliers, and other third-party partners to fortify in-house efficiency, you can rely on your personal assistant to lighten the load in your home life. Here’s how to approach your own task allocation.

Focus On the House You’re Saving Instead of the Tasks They’re Doing

Select personal assistant tasks that streamline your life and save you time. If you struggle with relinquishing personal responsibilities, try to outsource according to the number of hours you’d like to save, rather than hyper-focusing on the number of duties you’re giving away. Shift your focus toward what you stand to gain and don’t frame your outsourcing as a loss of control. After all, your PA is there to complete outsourced tasks according to your instructions and preferences — so you ultimately remain in the driver’s seat (minus the stress of steering)! Remember: there is no shame in asking for help!

Think in Terms of Daily Operations

Start by outsourcing a handful of the duties that are essential to maintain your day-to-day routine. Everyday household management tasks are the building blocks that allow you to run a tight ship, and if they aren’t completed, your more meticulous responsibilities may wind up falling by the wayside.

In the business world, a company might outsource foundational projects such as large-scale printing orders (for example, brochures in bulk or oversized banners), website design and development services, or legal consulting — all essential yet transferable functions that free up full-time staff resources to be allocated toward core operations. Similarly, you might outsource daily to-do list items such as grocery shopping, meal prep, laundry, and scheduling appointments so you can focus on the remaining work and home tasks that require your personalized attention.

Collaborate On Your Personal Priorities

At some point, you’ll need to prioritize tasks to determine which ones do require your personalized attention. While we’re happy to help you with a wide array of responsibilities, sometimes you may feel there’s just no substitute for face time or a personal touch. In these cases, consider collaborating with your personal assistant to get the job done! For example, we can:

  • Purchase and mail cards and gifts and leave the handwritten note up to you
  • Research wealth management companies, and you take care of the investments
  • Screen nannies for final interviews
  • Set up a personal shopping appointment and pick up the alterations
  • Set up a system for your child’s school and sports forms and fill them out for you to sign