Five Safe Summer Staycation Ideas

a family paddling a boat

Seattle has been voted one of the best cities in the U.S. for a summer “staycation” — and during this pandemic when taking normal vacations isn’t possible, a staycation could be just what you need to relax and have a change of scenery. The following are some fun (and safe) ideas to mix up your daily routine this summer.

Local Outdoor Adventures

If you’re craving an outdoor adventure, climb, hike, or camping trip, you’re in luck. Washington state is one of the most varied areas when it comes to outdoor oases. From coastal beaches and rainforests to dense forests and snow-capped mountains, the Pacific Northwest has it all. 

Check out companies such as AdventureTripr to find guided local day hikes, treks, or camping trips for all experience levels that you and your close family and friends can easily reserve. 

Looking for a shorter hike, or a trail you haven’t conquered yet? Sites like let you search for parks and trails by location, and show descriptions, reviews, estimated times, and difficulty level of ease.

Boat Rentals

Enjoy your summer staycation on the water! Boat rentals are easy to come by in areas like Ballard, Portage Bay, the University of Washington waterfront, and South Lake Union. Rent a kayak, canoe, or paddle boat for a refreshing solo or couples’ escape, or reserve a larger electric boat for you and your close friends or housemates. Many of the larger boat options are even covered and heated to navigate  Seattle’s finicky summer weather.

At-Home Spa Day

One of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself during a staycation is to create an at-home spa experience. Warm-up some towels and draw yourself a bath with bubbles, bath salts, or essential oils. Play soothing music and kick back with a good book or some deep breathing exercises. After a soak, give yourself a pedicure or manicure, and try out a DIY face mask to treat your skin. Do all of this while sipping on a refreshing summer mocktail or cocktail. Bliss!

Farmer’s Market Picnic

Many local farmer’s markets are back up and running with capacity and social distancing restrictions. Plan a trip to your local outdoor market and pick up some flowers, breads, cheeses, fruits, and veggies, and bring them back to your home to prepare a farmer’s market picnic in your yard. You’ll not only be changing up your lunch or dinner routine and enjoying the outdoors in the safety of your yard — you’ll also be supporting your community.

Drive-In Movie Theaters

You might be thinking, “drive-in movie theaters — what year is it?!” With indoor movie theaters closed because of the pandemic, these nostalgic attractions are making their way into the year 2020. Look into the location of new pop-up drive-in movie theaters (some Walmarts are even transforming their parking lots later this summer!), or see if any car-optional outdoor movie nights are being hosted in your area. 

In order to fully relax and enjoy a stress-free staycation, you might need to get through your to-do list or take care of some basic tasks. Contact Pepper’s Personal Assistants and see if our new five-hour task assistant package can help relieve you of some of the small errands hanging over your head, so you can make the most of this summer.