How to Be Successful with Your Personal Assistant


If you’re considering hiring a personal assistant, you’re already one step closer to a more efficient daily life. Once you and your PA start to build a relationship, how do you leverage it to see successful results? Our team has a few tips to point you in the right direction!

1. We recommend scheduling a 10-minute weekly check-in with your PA for the first few months to gauge how things are working on both sides. When you’ve both established a routine that runs smoothly, maintain a standing check-in meeting once per month.

2. Never underestimate the importance of frequent and detailed communication. Stay in close contact with your PA and let them know what they are doing great and what they can be doing better. For example, if you’d prefer they store clean, folded linens in the laundry room cabinets instead of in the bathroom, or if you like each meal prep container labeled in a specific way, don’t hesitate to let them know! If you aren’t sure whether they’re comfortable doing a particular task — such as taking your dog to the dog park — just ask. Your PA is on your team and wants to do everything possible to make your life easier (even the small stuff)!

3. Set up a permanent schedule, if possible. Having your PA come on the same day and time each week will create consistency in your routine, which is the best way to add balance to your busy life. Of course, we know other commitments or tasks pop up unexpectedly and will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

4. Going on vacation? Work with your PA to come up with some remote projects, organizing tasks, or home improvement projects they can work on while you’re gone. This way you can enjoy your time away without stress and come home to a chaos-free household (and a stocked fridge!).

5. Start a bucket list of things you would like to get off your plate. You and your PA can prioritize these tasks so there is always something they can work on each week. Everyone has a handful of to-do list items that they dread, but with a PA by your side, you can hand them off and focus on the things you love!

From household management and general organization to chores and errands, we can:

  • Keep your fridge stocked and plan or prep meals
  • Create a grocery shopping checklist
  • Maintain an inventory of household supplies
  • File your important documents
  • Help with basic pet care (administering flea meds, walking the dog, cleaning the litter box)
  • Arrange and oversee household services such as repairs
  • Fold and put away laundry
  • Make beds
  • Take out the trash and recycling
  • Load and empty the dishwasher
  • Water plants
  • Tidy up
  • Take the car in for service or a wash
  • Drop off and pick up dry cleaning
  • Pick up prescriptions
  • Complete returns or exchanges
  • Much more, depending on your unique needs


6. Use tech tools to communicate and be productive. One such tool that has been a life-changer for Pepper’s Personal Assistants is Slack, which offers both a desktop and a mobile version. Slack allows clients and PAs to keep track of all communication in one accessible interface and features an easy-to-use search function to find archived conversations. Other project management, organization, and communication-oriented apps that can help include To Do (a free way to customize and track to-do lists and share them with your PA to prioritize, create due dates, keep notes, and create recurring tasks), Trello, and Voxer.

How can we help you be successful? What can we take off your list? Let us know!

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