Personal Assistant Apps — Do They Really Help?

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You may have noticed lately that there seems to be an app for everything. 

From dating to meal-planning, from horoscopes to public transport information — it can be easy to download hundreds of apps in hopes of making your life a bit easier.

Although some of these apps can be helpful tools for organizing your day-to-day life, we firmly believe they can’t completely replace a personal assistant. They certainly can’t replace a personal assistant who specifically matches you and your unique lifestyle.

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What Are Personal Assistant Apps?

In sum, personal assistant apps are virtual tools that you can access on a smartphone or mobile device. Their goal is to help organize, schedule and streamline the details that threaten to take time from your day. These apps often promise to boost productivity and relieve stress.

And you’ll find tons of different personal assistant app types: 

  • Calendar apps
  • Flight-finder apps
  • Hotel-booking apps
  • To-do list apps
  • Budgeting apps

What Is a Personal Assistant?

You probably have a pretty good idea of the answer already.

Personal assistants, like our team at Pepper’s, are real people whom you hire to focus on making your life easier. A personal assistant dedicates their time to a person (you), which helps lighten your real-life workload. Plus, a personal assistant pays attention to your specific needs and unique lifestyle rather than general to-do lists. 

Personal assistant services might include these, among many others:

  • Laundry
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Grocery shopping
  • Meal planning
  • Bill paying
  • Personal travel information
  • Organizing
  • Prescription pickups

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Too Many Apps Can Be Overwhelming

Apps may be helpful to streamline certain aspects of your busy daily life, but juggling too many of them can be overwhelming. They definitely can’t replace having an actual extra set of hands.

For example, personal assistant apps like scheduling tools connect calendars and arrange meetings so that you can avoid double-booking and know what your day, week or month looks like. 

But when you have separate calendars for social events, work obligations, school activities and kids’ stuff, it can be exhausting. That’s especially true if these events change regularly or if you co-parent. 

This is why having a personal assistant to combine and streamline schedules is best. 

That isn’t to say your personal assistant can’t use the help of a scheduling app, but it’s one (or several) fewer things cluttering your smartphone home screen. And it makes a real difference being able to talk to your personal assistant about your specific scheduling concerns.

The same goes for tasks such as booking a flight or planning a vacation. Endless apps exist for reviewing vacation getaways, booking hotels and organizing budgets — but only you know exactly what you need. 

Scrolling through resort reviews or hotel-booking apps to find the perfect fit for your unique vacation vision can steal a major chunk of your day.

Instead, meet with your personal assistant and tell them exactly what you’re looking for. They can come back after using these apps with only the best options for you to choose from.

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Benefit of a Real Personal Assistant From Pepper’s

Ultimately, these apps are all helpful — but juggling them can end up making things more stressful than they were before. 

Personal assistant apps can’t anticipate something coming up last minute. They also can’t shift and adapt when an obstacle pops up. But your personal assistant can look at an entire project (or the entire week) and see how the different elements of your life should combine to form the big picture. 

While it may take several apps to take care of everything, just one designated personal assistant from Pepper’s can provide inimitable, dedicated, in-person support. 

Take your time back! Work smarter (not harder), and focus on what makes you feel best.

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