Top 5 Apps I Recommend For Making Back-to-School Easier

woman on laptop with small child laying on couch next to her

With summer break coming to a close and the world seeming to re-open, getting organized for back-to-school season can be stressful. Luckily I’ve found several apps that have really helped me and my family with remote learning, project management, and staying focused and positive. 

Check out these five apps for making this school year  a little easier, and feel free to share your own favorites in the comments.

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GoPeer Tutoring

I discovered this app during the pandemic while my family was adjusting to remote learning. I was struggling with helping my son with his virtual school work and it was really taking a toll on our relationship, so I searched for help and found GoPeer

This app connects you with college-student tutors in a variety of fields for personalized learning — and the process was very simple to set up. The tutor I ended up picking was amazing. Her and my son instantly connected virtually over video and I got to see him fully engaged and learning more effectively than ever before with this one-on-one remote option. 

Our family will definitely continue to use GoPeer once he is back in school this fall.

GreenLight Family Money App

We’ve been using this family-friendly money app and debit card program for a few years now. My kids have their own debit card that I can manage easily from the app. Their allowance gets deposited automatically each week, and they can even request reimbursement for some purchases (as long as they provide an accurate description in the “notes” field!). 

They have the independence of how their money is spent or saved — but I am kept in the loop via notifications that tell me where they’re spending it, and how much. 

GreenLight has really opened up some great conversations on money management, which I think will be very beneficial as they grow up and begin handling more adult finances.

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Calm Wellness App

Parenting can be overwhelming and stressful, especially during the unprecedented events of the last year or so. We have to remember we are the only ones in control of our emotions and how we handle them. The Calm app not only helps me by providing daily meditation prompts, but it also helps me get to sleep quickly. Let’s face it — quality sleep is a top priority for a happy and functioning parent — and we rarely get enough of it. 

Calm also offers soothing stories that can lull you to sleep quickly, allowing your mind to slow down and set aside worries and anxieties. My favorite bedtime story is “The Grand Plan to Rise and Shine,” a simple and relaxing tale of a woman and her evening routine that helps her get ready for the next day.

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Trello Task Management

Here at Pepper’s Personal Assistants we use Trello to stay on top of project management and the day-to-day tasks of running a small business. Trello is a collaborative task  management app that streamlines the seemingly endless online tools, software, and programs we’ve had to use while remote learning and working during the pandemic. 

While dealing with remote schooling with my kids, it was impossible to stay on top of 12 classes, due dates and deadlines, use Google Classroom and Canvas, and keep track of schedules and asynchronous days (a term I had never heard of pre-2020). Trello has helped me stay on top of everything and teach my boys important lessons on accountability and project management. 

We plan on continuing to use Trello even when we are back to school in-person, and currently are using it over the summer for chores and trip-packing lists as well. During the start of the pandemic, I shared the Trello board that I created, and recorded a tutorial video. Check it out if you think it may help your family,

Google Calendar

Being a busy small business-owner and mom with two households, I’ve come to realize Google Calendar is the glue that holds everything together. I have six separate calendars for business, personal life, employees, and shared calendars with my boys, my sister, and my partner. 

My assistant is able to make sure I’m not double-booked; my newly-employed son has just learned how to add his work schedule; I can see when my sister isn’t working so I can go spend precious time with her and my nieces; I can add all my youngest son’s sports practices and games each season; and for trips I can input all of our travel information so that I can easily pull  up that Airbnb door code when needed. 

I love that with Google Calendar, everyone in my life can connect to it using their laptop or phone — it is definitely one of my favorite organizational apps. 

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While apps are extremely helpful for staying organized, sometimes we can all use a little in-person help when it comes to staying on top of household tasks and errands. That’s where Pepper’s Personal Assistants can step in. Learn more about our services on our website or contact us today to set up a consultation!