How Pepper’s Can Help Moms After the Pandemic

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This last year has been rough. The unexpected and widespread introduction of the coronavirus and COVID-19 in March of 2020 kicked off a difficult year of uncertainty, loss, and isolation. With stay-at-home orders, working and attending school from home, families everywhere have struggled to deal with a “new normal.” Now, as vaccines are being distributed and we begin to see a light at the end of the tunnel, it’s important to understand how hard some people have had it. 

Mother’s Day is coming up, and we can all agree that moms have gone through a very stressful pandemic. Balancing keeping a clean and organized home and working remotely with helping their children through new routines and virtual learning is not easy in the least bit. Not to mention the mental load and depression that has the opportunity to really sink in during the last year—Motherly reports that 74% of mothers say they feel mentally worse since the pandemic began. 

Luckily, Pepper’s Personal Assistants can help.

How Pepper’s Personal Assistants Can Help

Whether you are a mom or are looking to help a mom you know, hiring a personal assistant from Pepper’s is a great solution. Our personal assistants can help with common household tasks and tackle to-do lists, allowing moms to feel a bit of well-deserved reprieve. 

Here are just a few of the many things we can take care of:

Organize Your Schedule

Doctors appointments, new back-to-school schedules, work meetings, grocery pick-up, and even distanced coffee dates with friends can clutter up Mom’s calendar and cause undue stress. Our personal assistants can organize calendars, scheduling important meetings and social dates ahead of time to make sure nothing’s double-booked.


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Grocery Shop and Meal Prep

With everyone in the house constantly, making meals at home night after night can be exhausting. Pepper’s can relieve some of that meal time stress by grocery shopping or online ordering, as well as meal prepping and planning for the future. 

Clean and Tidy the House

Studies show that a clean and organized environment can improve your mental health and help you feel happier. Give Mom a break from the constant tidying and eliminate the dreaded occasional deep clean by hiring a personal assistant to regularly clean the home—keeping everyone happy!

Plan a Family Vacation

Now that people are getting vaccinated and we can see somewhat of an end to quarantine, it may be time to plan a much-needed family vacation for the future. Instead of allowing the brunt of the research, cost-comparisons, and booking to fall on moms, Pepper’s Personal Assistants can assist in planning the perfect future getaway for the whole family.


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Give the Gift of Time

Our different service packages allow moms to have more time to themselves. Whether they use that to practice self care, spend quality time with their partners, participate in activities with their family, or simply catch up on sleep—moms deserve it.

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This Mother’s day, give the mom in your life (or treat yourself to) the gift of time. Our team of experienced, talented, and friendly personal assistants are ready to relieve the stress of the last year by offering their helping hands. Read more about our service packages or contact us today to get started.