The Pepper’s Way

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The Pepper’s Way has been developed over the past ten years. We’ve learned how to bring ease into our clients’ lives quickly, what makes a great personal assistant, and how clients and their personal assistant can build a successful long term relationship. 

The Pepper’s Way

  • We believe the best personal assistants find joy in making your life as easy as possible.
  • We believe communication is the key to success.
  • We believe in respecting client’s privacy and conducting ourselves with integrity. 
  • We believe in managing up and taking ownership of completing a task.
  • We believe our employees are our biggest asset and take care of them.
  • We believe in Radical Candor; supporting improvement through direct communication.
  • We believe feedback is a gift and an opportunity to course correct.
  • We believe in hiring based on shared values.
  • We believe in vetting vendors and sharing our experiences with the team.
  • We believe in continuous learning and ongoing training.

What Does the Pepper’s Way Mean for Clients?

  1. We listen to your needs and put the time and effort into finding the right personal assistant for you. 
  2. We have a rigorous screening process with 3 interviews, background checks, and reference checks. 
  3. We make it easy to get started by supporting the relationship and providing the tools and documents that have been proven to work. 
  4. We train our employees on effective and efficient communication, and require a weekly 15 minute meeting between clients and their personal assistant. 
  5. We request continuous feedback from our clients to make sure you are set up for long term success. The sooner issues are dealt with, the better. 
  6. We’ve built a Preferred Vendor List over the past 10 years. Vendors are given a rating based on our team’s experience and dropped from the list if they don’t meet our standards. 

What Does the Pepper’s Way Mean for Employees?

  1. We are on your team and here to support you in being successful.
  2. We offer a competitive wage as a W-4 employee, and benefits for all employees including paid time off and retirement matching.
  3. We help set boundaries to avoid burnout, such as business hours, last minute cancellations, and safety policies. 
  4. We have a positive team culture, supporting each other and celebrating wins together. 
  5. We listen to your feedback and suggestions. Our anonymous feedback form is always available. Some of our best improvements have come from employees. 
  6. We provide ongoing team training including leadership, tech tools (Google Workspace, Trello, Pinterest, Lastpass, etc), meal prep and cooking, safety, and self care. 

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