When the first bell rings at the end of summer, for busy working parents, it means so much more than the end of a 9-week break from school. It seems as soon as September rolls around each year, the shortening days close in on a landslide of seasonal commitments. On top of ‘round-the-clock career, home, and social responsibilities, add daily school drop-off and pickup, after-school chauffeur duties, homework help, and the impending holiday rush to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for stretching yourself thin.

For bogged-down parents who find themselves in need of an extra set of helping hands during this busy time, enlist a professional personal assistant to help pick up the slack. The best part? Your freed-up schedule makes room for more quality family time! The trick is to get back into the swing of things before the holidays hit. September and October can be used to tackle your to-do list before Halloween gives way to the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas takeover — and this is where your PA steps in to save the season.

Meal planning and prep

Grocery shopping for dinner ingredients and preparing each component can eat up a lot of your spare time. While you’re at work, hand off your shopping list to your personal assistant. We’ll shop during non-peak hours and stock your kitchen with all the fresh and dry goods you need, allowing you to replace mealtime stress with relaxing quality time. We can measure and chop vegetables ahead of time, so all you have to do when you arrive home is assemble, serve, and enjoy. We’ll even pick up your favorite bottle of wine so you can pamper yourself with a glass once the kids are in bed!


We can take care of calendar organization such as booking all the family’s upcoming doctor appointments, maintenance appointments (household cleaning or repair services, yard care, car service, etc.), haircuts and other beauty appointments, arranging child and pet care, coordinating or receiving home deliveries, and much more according to your needs. Flying out to visit the in-laws for the holidays? Your PA will take care of your home while you’re away — whether this means watering plants, cleaning up after kitty, checking mail, or all of the above. Hosting a holiday party or Thanksgiving dinner? Allow your sidekick to manage your Evites and get a head start on the shopping.

Balancing career and home life

Own a small business? Wrapped up in a full-time consulting job? Staying late at the office as business picks up during the fall and winter? With a personal assistant to take care of errands, chores, and home life details, you can focus your energy on workday operations for maximum success… and use your hard-earned time off to relax for once. After all, isn’t quality time to reflect and bond with family and friends what this season is really about?