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How to Handle the Household When Your Spouse Travels

When your spouse travels extensively for work and you’re left to run things yourself, you can feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and lonely. Even if you’re getting...
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Living in Your Zone of Genius

Are you doing your best in your day-to-day life, but still feeling unsatisfied? Sometimes when we try and take on too much at a time...
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Understanding the Five Love Languages

Whether you’re with someone long-term, only starting to date, or just friends, knowing how to communicate with a partner is an essential component to a...
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What to Know About Mental Load

If you’ve ever sat down to complete a task while at the same time dealing with the stress of planning out several other things, you’ve...
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How to Successfully Prepare for the Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner, and the pressure that comes with them can be enough for anyone to want to lock the doors...
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How Stress Affects Your Health

We’ve all experienced stress at one time or another, but do you know what stress actually is? Stress is your body’s reaction to any demand...
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Giving Feedback to Your Personal Assistant: Radical Candor

A personal assistant can take your life from unorganized and overwhelming to structured and manageable. However, this change won’t happen overnight: You’ll first have to...
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How a Personal Assistant Can Help With Summer Planning

Summer flies by, and you have to think and act fast in order to make the most of every moment. Unfortunately, time is limited, and...
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Five Things to Do With the Time Your Personal Assistant Saves You

Your personal assistant gives you an invaluable gift: time, and the freedom to do whatever you want with it. No longer booked with chores, errands,...
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